CADAVERIA :: Lyric-Video zum einzigen Track in Muttersprache

Die italienischen Female fronted Dark Metal-Veteranen CADAVERIA haben das Lyric-Video zum Song „La Casa dell’Anima“ veröffentlicht, dem ersten und einzigen Song, den die Band jemals in ihrer Muttersprache aufgenommen hat. „La Casa dell’Anima“ stammt vom aktuellen CADAVERIA-Album „Emptiness“, das letztes Jahr über Time To Kill Records veröffentlicht wurde.

Cadaveria herself:
„In my heart I have wanted to propose a song in Italian for years, but I’ve always stopped myself for so many reasons. Singing in Italian is a bit like getting naked, looking in the mirror, choosing not to hide behind translated words, but expressing yourself without any filter with the language used in everyday life. The exploration of other cultures, the approach to shamanism and the life experiences of the last five years have finally freed me from any preconceptions.
I am happy to be able to tell you in my language about this journey out of the body and out of time, which I made guided by the rhythm of the shamanic drum.
An experience to clean up, reconcile, make room and be reborn.
So, enjoy the video, in Italian with English translation.
Cheers and horns up,