BRYMIR :: 2. Single aus kommeden Melodeath Album

Die Melodic Death Metaller BRYMIR veröffentlichen ihr kommendes Studioalbum „Voices In The Sky“ am 26. August 2022 über Napalm Records. Nach der ersten Single des Titeltracks präsentiert das finnische Fünfergespann – bestehend aus Leadgitarrist Joona Björkroth (Battle Beast), Frontmann, Autor und Produzent Viktor Storm Gullichsen, Schlagzeuger Patrik Fält (Feastem, ex-Afgrund), Gitarrist Sean Haslam und Bassist Jarkko Niemiunveils – nun die zweite neue Single mit dem Titel „Herald of Aegir“.

Viktor Gullichsen on the album and second single:
“Growing up in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes, I’ve always had a special relationship with water. I spent a big part of my childhood in the archipelago, eating what fish we caught – but today the fish are mostly gone and if we keep polluting the oceans there will soon be nothing left. This song is a reminder that we are approaching a point of no return, especially for some of the more sensitive species. The song’s title refers to salmon, the finest catch of our ancestors and the greatest beast lurking in the depths of the Baltic Sea – but perhaps they won’t be around for much longer… Treat our oceans with respect – or the Herald of Aegir will get you!”