BORKNAGAR :: Neuer Track „Summits“ mit Visualizer

Mit einem Visualizer zu ihrem neuen Track „Summits“ kündigen BORKNAGAR für den 24. Februar ein neues Album an. „Fall“ erscheint bei Century Media und kann hier vorbestellt werden:

„From the day you are born, Nature will do everything in its power to get you back into the ground. The lonesome struggle of being you or the mighty struggle of all life in general, will eventually tear you down from the inside- or from the outside. But for the short glimpse of time we endure, we all seek the ultimate heights of our very own existence. Our first single “Summits” from the new album “Fall” scope in on this everlasting drama of life – where the drama unfolds – at the very outskirts of life.“ – Øystein G. Brun / Borknagar