BEFORE THE DAWN :: Tuomas Saukkonen verkündet Ende der Band

Nach 14 erfolgreichen Jahren mit 7 gefeierten Studioalben, hat Mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen nun beschlossen, einen Schlussstrich unter seine Dark-/Melancholic-Melodic-Death-Metal-Band BEFORE THE DAWN sowie unter all seine anderen aktuellen Projekte wie BLACK SUN AEON, DAWN OF SOLACE und ROUTASIELU zu ziehen. “I’ve already been thinking about this for a few years”, so Tuomas. “At some point I realized I was keeping the band alive without feeling right anymore. I lost the passion to make music my own way. Now that BEFORE THE DAWN is done, it’s logical for me to clean the table completely and start building something from scratch again.”

Was seine neuen Ziele anbelangt, erklärt der Multi-Instrumentalist: “From now on I’ll solely focus on my new band called WOLFHEART – all my attention and energy shall flow into it. My main intention is to create a band that combines BEFORE THE DAWN’s engery with the low-tuned, dark, heavy and epic atmosphere of BLACK SUN AEON.”

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