ASGRAUW :: 5. Album der NL-Black Metaller vor Release im Fullstream

Die niederländischen Black Metaller ASGRAUW streamen ihr 5. Album „Façade“ bereits ein paar Tage vor Release über den YouTube Kanal Only Black Metal. Das Album erscheint am 7. Oktober via Death Prayer Records als CD / DIGITAL / MC / LP.

For fans of: (early) Dimmu Borgir, (early) Satyricon, Emperor and Darkthrone
‚FAÇADE‘ explores the area between life and death. The unknown and inexplicable, sometimes things are not what they seem. From suspended animation caused by disease to the despair of being buried alive. The struggle between wishing and fearing death. From losing your individuality to sacrificing your soul. All themes that balance on the thin line between the two worlds. Is there any difference at all? Or do we attach too much value to our corpus?