ACOD :: Samael Cover „Black Trip“ online

Von ihrem kommenden Album „Versets Noirs“ haben die französischen Black/Death Occult Metaller ACOD ein Cover aus einem für sie sehr einflussreichen Album veröffentlicht. „Black Trip“ stammt im Original aus SAMAEL’s 94er Album „Ceremony of Opposites“. Das neue Album von ACOD erscheint am 26. April via Hammerheart Records.

ACOD / Fred: „In 1994, Swiss band SAMAEL released one of the most influential albums in the black metal world. The dark, hard-hitting opening track on this masterpiece takes us back to those glory years. We wanted to pay tribute to these architects of the black kingdom.“
ACOD / Jerome: „Ceremony of Opposites“ had a significant impact on us, and the title fits perfectly with the theme of the occult journey you’ll find in „Versets Noirs“. It’s interesting to do your own version of a track as important as the one you knew as a teenager. Many bands are content to cover most of the famous names, like Slayer etc… Our influences are broader, but mainly based on the period from the 80s to the 2000s.“