ABSTRAKT :: Neues Musikvideo zu „Inferno“

Die finnische Symphonic Death/Black Metal Band ABSTRAKT aus Helsinki hat ein neues Musikvideo zu „Inferno“ veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt aus ihrem zweiten Studioalbum „Uncreation“, das Anfang des Jahres über Inverse Records veröffentlicht wurde.

The band comments:
„Inferno, as slow as the passing of time during lockdown, as heavy as a bag of rocks, and filled to the brim with anger. It was one of the first compositions for Uncreation, and it was clear from the beginning that we were onto something larger, something that would dictate the very nature of the whole record to come.
The lyrics materialized as if from thin air and are up for interpretation, thus the responsibility lies with the listener. Yet the mentality and state of mind in which they were written in should be readily apparent.
The slowest, yet hottest track on the album will singe your eyebrows, fry your brain and torch the nearest church.“