ABBATH :: Titeltrack vom neuen Album „Dread Reaver“

Die norwegischen Extrem Metaller ABBATH stellen jetzt den Titelsong ihres kommenden Albums „Dread Reaver“ vor. Der Song kann auf dem offiziellen Season of Mist YouTube Channel gestreamt werden. Das neue Album wird am 25. März weltweit erscheinen.

ABBATH’s remarkable new album, Dread Reaver, is upon us all. Two years in the making, ABBATH’s third full-length is the culmination of everything before it. A fusion of debut Abbath (2016) and follow-up Outstrider (2019), the aptly titled Dread Reaver extends its fantastical fangs outward and drives its cloven hooves onward. Indeed, there’s nothing like an ABBATH record. This is the darkest metal for epic journeys and ancient battles. Comprised of eight riveting tracks and a red-hot cover of METALLICA’s “Trapped Under Ice,” Dread Reaver shows ABBATH triumphing over all trials and tribulations, riding hard into merciless glory as the one and only “Lemmy of black metal.”