UNREQVITED :: 1. Single zu neuen Album

Das kanadische Blackgaze-Projekt des Multi-Instrumentalisten 鬼 (“Ghost”) UNREQVITED hat den Track “Autumn & Everley” als erste Single aus ihrem kommenden Album “Beautiful Ghosts” vorgestellt, das am 13. August 2021 beo Prophecy erscheinen soll.

UNREQVITED comment: “I began to conceptualize the theme of ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ during the composition of ‘Autumn & Everley'”, relates ?. “Submerging myself into the absolute flow state of the album’s creation quickly became a very cathartic process, as once ‘Autumn & Everley’ was completed the rest of the songs subsequently poured out of me very naturally in a short period of time. I selected it as the debut single because it constitutes the perfect summary of the record’s atmosphere and overall sound.”