Reviews :: T

T “Anti-Matter Poetry” (Progressive Rock)
“Scream” (Industrial)
TAABBOO “666 – Total Evil” (Heavy Metal)
TAAK “Koerapööriöö” (Doom Metal)
TAAKE “Stridens Hus” (Dark Metal/Okkult Rock)
TAAKE “Noregs Vaapen” (Black Metal)
TAAKE “Taake” (Black Metal)
TAAKE “Hordaland Dødskvad” (Norwegian Black Metal)
TAAKE “Helnorsk Svartmetall” (Norwegian Black Metal)
TABERAH “Necromancer” (Heavy Metal)
TACERE “Beautiful Darkness” (Melodic Metal)
TAD MOROSE “Modus Vivendi” (Power/Heavy Metal)
TAD MOROSE “Matters of the dark” (Power Metal)
TADASHI GOTO “Innervisions” (ProgRock)
TAGISMAR “…oder der (Alp-) Traum, einmal anders” (Electro Gothic)
TAKARA “Perception of reality” (Hard Rock)
TAKIDA “Bury the Lies” (Rock)
TALON “Talon” (Hard Rock)
TANGENT, THE “Down and Out in Paris and London” (ProgRock)
TANGENT, THE “Not as good as the Book” (Prog Rock)
TANIS “No love lost…”
TANKARD “Vol(l)ume 14” (Thrash Metal)
TANKARD “Thirst” (Thrash Metal)
TANKARD “Best Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beers” (Thrash Metal)
TANKARD “The Beauty and the Beer” (Thrash Metal)
TANKARD “Fat, Ugly and still (A)Live” (Thrash Metal)
TANKS AND TEARS “Aware” (Post Punk/Wave)
TANKS AND TEARS “Know Yourself” (Dark Wave/Post-Punk)
TANZWUT “Seemannsgarn” (MA Rock)
TANZWUT “Schreib es mit Blut” (MA Rock)
TANZWUT “Freitag der 13.” (MA Rock)
TANZWUT “Schattenreiter” (E-MA Rock)
TANZWUT “Live DVD+DCD” (MA Industrial Rock)
TANZWUT “Tanzwut” (MCD)
TANZWUT “Im Labyrinth der Sinne”
TARABAS “Das neue Land” (Melodic Death/Folk Metal)
TARABAS “Aus alter Zeit” (Pagan Black Metal)
TARDIVE DYSKINESIA “The Sea of See Through Skins” (Math Death Core)
TARDY BROTHERS “Bloodline” (Death Metal)
TARJA “In the raw” (Symphonic Metal/Klassik/Pop)
TARJA “from Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a dark Christmas)” (Klassik/Gothic Metal/Soundtrack)
TARJA “The Shadow Self” (Female Symphonic Metal)
TARJA “My Winter Storm” (Female Gothic Metal/Klassik)
TARJA TURUNEN “Yhden Enkelin Unelma” (Weihnachts-Klassik)
TARNKAPPE “Winterwaker” (Black Metal)
TARNKAPPE “Tussen hun en de zon” (Black Metal)
TAROT “The Warrior’s Spell” (Hard Rock)
TAROT “Suffer our pleasure” (Heavy Metal)
TARTHARIA “Bleeding for the Devil” (Death / Thrash / Black Metal)
TASK FORCE BEER “Meaning Of Life” (Grindcore/Death Metal)
TATTERED SOUL “Die Zerstörung Des Menschlichen Seins” (Black Metal)
TAUNUSHEIM “Nebelkämpfe” (Pagan/Folk Metal)
TBC “the rise” (Gothic Metal)
TBC “28 Days” (Gothic Metal)
TEA PARTY, THE “Seven Circles” (Power Rock)
TEARABYTE “Gloom Factory” (Thrash Metal)
TEARS “falling certainty” (Melancholic Prog Rock)
TEARS OF MARTYR “Entrance” (Goth Metal)
TEARS OF MYSTIGMA “Higher circumstance” (Gothic Rock)
TEARS OF MYSTIGMA “Reflect Project: Colder Side” (Wave Rock)
TEARS OF OTHILA “Renaissance” (Neo Folk/ Rock)
TEASER “Guts Of Anger” (Old School Garage Thrash Metal)
TECHNOCRACY “same” (New Rock/Metal)
TECHNOIR “We Fall Apart” (Electro)
TED NUGENT “Sweden Rocks (CD+DVD)” (Hardrock)
TEKHTON “Alluvial” (Doom Core)
TEKSUO “Threnos” (Metalcore)
TEMPESTA “Unbounded” (Hard Rock)
TEMPESTA “Fulltime Joker” (Hard Rock)
TEMPLE, THE “Forevermourn” (Doom Metal)
TEMPLE KOLUDRA “Temple Koludra” (Black Metal)
TEMPLE OF BAAL “Mysterium” (Black/Death Metal)
TEMPLE OF BAAL “Verses Of Fire” (Doom Death Black Metal)
TEMPLE OF BAAL “Lightslaying Rituals” (Black Metal)
TEMPLE OF BAAL “Traitors to mankind” (Black Metal)
TEMPLE OF BAAL “Servants of the beast” (Black Metal)
TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY “Lethal Agenda” (Thrash Metal)
TEMPLE OF TWILIGHT “all the believers” (Goth Rock)
TEMPLE OF TWILIGHT “Moon Attraction” (Melodic Rock)
TEMPTAMENTUM “Disciple of the ashen sun” (Black/Death Metal)
TEMTRIS “Shallow Grave” (Dark Metal)
TEN “Far Beyond the World” (Hard Rock)
TEN “Babylon”
TEN RAIL CELL “Microman” (Thrash Metal)
TENDENCIA “Re-Evolution” (Tribal/Death Metal)
TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM “La Genesi 2001-2002” (Black Metal)
TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM “L’Eterno Maligno Silenzio” (Black Metal)
TENEBRE “Hearts blood” (Goth Rock)
TENEBRE “Electric Hellfire Kiss” (Dark Rock’n’Roll)
TENEBRE “Mark ov the beast”
TENEBRUM INFECTUS “Menü a la Carte” (Death Grind Metal)
TENHI “Saivo” (Folk Rock)
TENHI “Airut:Aamujen” (Mystik/Natur Folk)
TENHI “Maaäet” (Mediative Folk Wave)
TENHI “Väre” (Ethno Folk Rock)
TENHI “Kauan”
TENSIDE “Convergence” (Metal)
TENTATION “Tentation” (Heavy Metal)
TEODOR TUFF “Soliloquy” (Prog Power Metal/Rock)
TERDOR “Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942” (Black Metal)
TERENCE FIXMER “Silence Control” (Techno/Elektro)
TERHEN “Eye’s Unfolded” (Doom/Death Metal)
TERIGI SIMONE “Rock Meditations” (Hard Rock)
TERMINAL CHOICE “Übermacht” (Industrial, Electro)
TERMINAL CHOICE “Ominous Future”
TERMINAL FUNCTION “Measuring the Abstract” (Technical Progressive Death Metal)
TERRA FIRMA “Harms way” (Stoner Rock)
TERROLOKAUST “No Control (MCD)” (EBM / Industrial)
TERROR 2000 “Terror For Sale” (Thrash Metal)
TERROR 2000 “Slaughter in Japan / Live 2003” (Thrash Metal)
TERROR 2000 “Faster Disaster” (Thrash Metal)
TERRORAMA “Genocide” (Thrash/Black Metal)
TERRORGOD “Coming Home” (Thrash Metal)
TERRORIZER “Darker Days Ahead” (Grindcore)
TERRORTORY “The Seed left behind” (Death / Thrash Metal)
TERRORWHEEL “Rhythm’n’Murder” (Metal)
TERVINGI “Gotensaga” (Pagan Metal)
TESLA “Into the now” (Melodic Hard Rock)
TESTAMENT “Titans Of Creation” (Thrash Metal)
TESTAMENT “Seen Between The Lines (DVD)” (Thrash Metal)
TESTAMENT “The Gathering”
TETHRIPPON “Tethrippon” (Apocalyptic Folk)
TETROLUGOSI “Tetrolugosi II” (Variete/Circus-Dark Wave)
TEUFELSKREIS “Eifersucht” (Heavy Deutsch Rock/Metal)
TEXTURES “Silhouette” (Thrash / Prog / Core)
TEXTURES “Drawing Circles” (Thrash/Prog/Core)
TEXTURES “Polars” (New/Thrash Metal)
THALIE NÊMÊSIS “S/T” (Dark Chanson Wave / Cold Wave)
THALLIUM “Toxic Metal” (Death Metal)
THANATEROS “Insomnia” (Folk/Goth Rock)
THANATEROS “Liber Lux” (Goth Rock)
THANATEROS “Circle of live” (MA/Gothic Metal)
THANATOS “Undead. Unholy. Divine.” (Death/Thrash Metal)
THANATOS “Angelic Encounters”
THANATOS “Emerging from the Netherworlds”
THANATOSCHIZO “Zoom Code” (Gothic / Metal)
THANATOSCHIZO “Insomnian Nightlife” (Dark/Gothic Metal)
THARAPHITA “Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel” (Pagan Black Metal)
THARGOS “Salem City” (Thrash Metal)
THARGOS “killfukk” (Black/Thrash Metal)
THARGOS “Bloodgoat” (Black Thrash Metal)
THARSYS “Under her Dead Arms” (Gothic Doom Metal)
THARSYS “mortal” (Gothic/Doom Metal)
THARSYS “Zeitsein”
THE MORE I SEE “The wolves are hungry” (Heavy Metal)
THE SIN:DECAY “rehabilitation” (Indutrial/Elektro Metal)
THEATRE OF THE MACABRE “A paradise in flesh & blood” (Black/Dark Metal)
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY “Remixed” (Elektro/Industrial/Gothic Metal)
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY “Forever Is The World” (Melancholic Rock)
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY “Storm” (E-Gothic Metal)
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY “Assembly” (Elektro Goth)
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY “Inperspective”
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES “Moonlight Waltz” (Gothic Metal)
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES “Anima Noir” (Gothic/Elektro Metal)
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES “Pleasure And Pain” (Gothic Metal)
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES “Suicide Vampire” (Black Metal)
THEE FLANDERS “The Electro Remixes” (Electronic Psychobilly)
THEE FLANDERS “Graverobbing 2” (Psychobilly)
THEE FLANDERS “The Spirit Of 666” (Psychobilly)
THEM “Manor Of The Se7en Gables” (Heavy Metal)
THEM “Sweet Hollow” (Heavy Metal)
THEMBONES “Yoe are welcome” (Alternative Power Rock)
THEN COMES SILENCE “Machine” (Foggy Goth Rock / Post Punk)
THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT “Pale Season” (Melancholic Rock)
THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT “Thenighttimeproject” (Melancholic Rock)
THEODOR BASTARD “Pustota” (Oriental/World/Trip Hop)
THEORY OF A DEADMAN “same” (Nu Metal)
THERAPY? “Disquiet” (Punk/Alterative Rock)
THERAPY? “Shameless” (Modern Rock)
THERION “Gothic Kabbalah” (Dark Symphonic Metal)
THESYRE “Exist!” (Black/Thrash/Stoner Metal)
THEUDHO “Cult of Wuotan” (Pagan Metal)
THIN LIZZY “Still Dangerous – Live at the Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977” (Hard Rock)
THINE EYES BLEED “In the wake of separation” (Death/Thrash Metal)
THIRD WAVE “Metamorphosis” (Modern Metal)
THIRDMOON “Terrarum Exuviae” (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
THIRDMOON “Dimorphic Cynosure” (Death Metal)
THIRDMOON “Aquis Submersus”
THIRDMOON “Bloodforsaken”
THIRTEENTH EXILE “Into Nothing” (Industrial / Electro)
THIRTEENTH SIGN “Oracles Of Armageddon” (Melodic Thrash Metal)
THIRTYONE DIES “Filthy Taste” (Death/Thrash Metal)
THIS DROWNING MAN “Melancholia my Love” (Melancholic Wave)
THIS MISERY GARDEN “Another Great Day on Earth” (AlternativeProg)
THOLEN “Neuropol” (Ambient)
THOLUS “Constant” (Death Metal)
THOMSEN “Let’s get Ruthless” (Heavy Metal)
THORMESIS “Trümmerfarben” (Black Metal)
THORA “Total world Paranoia” (Metal)
THORIUM “Feral Creation” (Death Metal)
THORIUM “Unleashing the demons” (Death Metal)
THORNAFIRE “Magnaa” (Death Metal)
THORN.ELEVEN “A different view” (Metal)
THORN.ELEVEN “Thorn.Eleven” (New Metal)
THORNESBREED “The splendour of the repellent ” (Death Metal)
THORNGOTH “Rauhnacht” (Black Metal)
THORNIUM “Dominions Of The Eclipse” (Black Metal)
THORNIUM “Fides Luciferius” (Black Metal)
THOROFON “Roots” (Power Noise / Industrial)
THORONDIR “Des Wandrers Mär” (Pagan Metal)
THORONDIR “Aus jenen Tagen” (Pagan/Viking Metal)
THORONDIR “Düsterwald” (Viking/Pagan Metal)
THORSHAMMER “Heimsuchung” (Thrash Rock/Metal)
THOSE WHO BRING TORTURE “Tank Gasmask Ammo” (Death Metal)
THOTEN “Beyond th etomorrow” (Power Speed Metal)
THOU ART LORD “DV8” (Death/Black Metal)
THOUGHT CHAMBER “Angular Perceptions” (Prog Metal)
THOUGHTS OF REJECTION “Thoughts of Rejection” (Death/Thrash Metal)
THRAGEDIUM “Theatrum 13”
THRESHOLD “Critical mass” (Prog Metal)
THROES OF DAWN “The Great Fleet Of Echoes” (Dark Rock/Metal)
THROES OF DAWN “Quicksilver Clouds” (Dark/Elektro Metal)
THROES OF DAWN “Binding the spirit”
THRONAR “Unleash The Fire” (Epic Black/Viking Metal)
THRONAR “For Death And Glory” (Epic Black/Power Metal)
THRONE OF CHAOS “Pervertigo” (Melodic Death/Power Metal)
THRONE OF CHAOS “Menace and Prayer”
THRONEAEON “Neither of gods” (Death Metal)
THRONEHAMMER “Usurper of the Oaken Throne” (Doom Metal)
THROUGH THE ASHES “The End of Evolution” (Metalcore)
THROUGH YOUR SILENCE “Whispers To The Void” (Melodic Death Core)
THRUDVANGAR “Zwischen Asgard und Midgard” (Pagan/Viking Metal)
THRUDVANGAR “Ahnenthron” (Viking Metal)
THULCANDRA “Ascension Lost” (Black/Death Metal)
THULCANDRA “Under a Frozen Sun” (Black/Death Metal)
THUNDER AND LIGHTNING “Dimension” (Power / Thrash Metal)
THUNDERBOLT “Love & Destruction” (Heavy Metal)
THUNDERBOLT “Demons and Diamonds” (Heavy Metal)
THUNDERKRAFT “Totentanz” (Death/Folk Metal)
THUNDERMOTHER “Road Fever” (Hard Rock)
THUNDERSKULL “Thunderskull” (Heavy Metal)
THUNDERTALE “Milzinai” (Power Metal)
THUNDRA “Angstens Salt” (Nordic Black Metal)
THUNDRA “Worshipped by Chaos” (Viking/Black Metal)
THURISAZ “Circadian Rhythm” (Prog Dark/Black Metal)
THURISAZ “Scent of a Dream” (Prog Dark/Black Metal)
THURS “Myths And Battles From The Paths Beyond” (Viking/Black Metal)
THURS “Mot Nord (EP)” (Black/Viking Metal)
THY DISEASE “Anshur ZA” (Industrial/Death Metal)
THY FINAL PAIN “Desire, Freedom and Confusion” (Death Metal)
THY FINAL PAIN “…Of Life And Death” (Massive Rhythmik Death Metal)
THY FINAL PAIN “Epitaph” (Massive Rhythmic Death Metal)
THY MAJESTIE “Dawn” (Power/Prog/Neoclassic Metal)
THY MAJESTIE “Jeanne D’Arc” (Epic/Power Metal)
THY MAJESTIE “Hastings 1066” (Symphonic Epic Metal)
THY MAJESTIE “The lasting power”
THY MAJESTY / DARK ARMEGEDDON “United by Hellfire – Split” (Black Metal)
THY NEMESIS “Christcrushing Anthems” (Pagan Black Metal)
THY WICKED “Treu dem alten Weg” (Pagan Metal)
THY WICKED “Wenn Heimdalls Horn erklingt” (Pagan Metal)
THYESTEAN FEAST “cycles of worldburn” (Black Metal)
THYRANE “Travesty Of Heavenly Essence” (Black Metal)
THYRANE “Hypnotic” (Black/Dark/Death’n’Roll)
THYRANE “Black Harmony” (Black Metal)/ THE DEAD BEGINNERS “Mini-CD” (Dark/Black Metal)
THYRANE “The spirit of rebellion” (Black Metal)
THYRANE “Symphonies of infernality”
THYRFING “Hels Vite” (Viking Metal)
THYRFING “Farsotstider” (Viking Metal)
THYRFING “Vansinnesvisor” (Viking Metal)
THYRFING “Urkraft”
THYRGRIM “Vermächtnis” (Black Metal)
THYRGRIM “Monument” (Black Metal)
TIAMAT “The Scarred People” (Gothic Rock/Metal)
TIAMAT “Amanethes” (Gothic Metal)
TIAMAT “Pray” (Gothic Rock)
TIAMAT “Judas Christ” (Wave Rock)
TIAMAT “Brighter than the sun” (MCD)
TIAMAT “Skeleton Skeletron”
TIAT5 “Contrast” (Melodic Death Metal)
TICKET TO HELL “Operation: Crash Course” (Thrash Metal)
TICKET TO HELL “Man made Paradise” (Thrash/Death Metal)
TIDFALL “Circular Supremacy”
TIEFROT “Manege frei” (NDH/Gothic Rock)
TIERRA SANTA “Apocalipsis” (Heavy Metal)
TIERRA SANTA “Las mil y una noches” (Heavy Metal)
TIERRA SANTA “Indomable” (Heavy Metal)
TIERRA SANTA “Sangre de reyes” (Heavy/Power Metal)
TIGHT FITTING PANTS “The Final Condom !!!” (Psychobilly / Punk)
TILES “Fly Paper” (Prog Metal)
TIM “RIPPER” OWENS “Play my Game” (Heavy Metal)
TIME HAS COME “White Fuzz” (Metalcore/Noise)
TIME LURKER “Time Lurker” (Black Metal)
TIME MACHINE “Reviviscence – Liber Secundus” (Prog Metal)
TIME OF HATE “Sweating Hate” (Nu Metal)
TIME REQUIEM “Optical Illusion” (Neoclassic Prog Metal)
TIME REQUIEM “Tiem Requiem” (Neoclassic Prog Metal)
TIME TO BLEED “Theory of Cremation” (Thrash Metal)
TIMELESS MIRACLE “Into The Enchanted Chamber” (Melodic/Power Metal)
TIMEMAGE “Black Invocation” (Power Metal)
TIMEMAGE “Rebirth” (Prog/Power Metal)
TIMEMAGE “Witchcraft” (Prog Metal)
TIMEMAGE “Nightmares” (Dark Prog Metal)
TIMEMAGE “Shadow Realm” (Prog Metal)
TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NISKALAUKAUS “in frostigen tälern” (Heavy Metal/Rock)
TIMOR “Aeons Of Despite” (Death/Thrash Metal)
TIMOR ET TREMOR “For Cold Shades” (Black Metal)
TINY BOYS “Tiny Boys” (Post Punk)
TITANS “My Sorrow” EP (Electro)
TITANS “For The Long Gone” (Electro)
TITUS TOMMY GUNN “La Peneratica Svavolya” (Rock’n’Roll)
TNT “Live in Madrid (DVD)” (Hard Rock)
TO/DIE/FOR “Wounds Wide Open” (Gothic Rock/Metal)
TO/DIE/FOR “IV” (Gothic Rock/Metal)
TO ELYSIUM “Dearest vile” (Gothic Metal)
TO-MERA “Transcendal” (Goth Metal)
TO RESIST FATALITY “Ianus” (Melodic Death Metal)
TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES “Utopia Sadistica” (Grind Core)
TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES “for those about to rot EP” (Grindcore)
TO THE SKY “philosophic aggressions” (Melodic Death Metal)
TOADEATER “Hestia” (Black Metal)
TOADEATER “Bit To Ewigen Daogen” (Black Metal)
TOADEATER “Codex” (Black Metal)
TODAY IS THE DAY “Kiss The Pig” (Noisecore/Hardcore/Indie)
TODESBONDEN “Sleep now, quiet forest” (Neoklassik/Wave Rock/Goth Metal)
TODESKULT “Apathy” (Black Metal)
TODTGELICHTER “Apnoe” (Avantgarde Post Black Metal)
TODTGELICHTER “Schemen” (Black Metal)
TODTGELICHTER “Was bleibt…” (Black Metal)
TOKYO BLADE “Thousand Men Strong” (Heavy Metal)
TOKYO DRAGONS “Hot Nuts” (Rock ‘n’ Roll)
TOM FULLER BAND “Ask” (Rock/Pop)
TOM TOXIC “Rough Mixes EP” (Rockabilly)
TOM TOXIC “Rockabilly, Bier und Frauen” (Rockabilly)
TOM TOXIC & DIE HOLSTEIN ROCKETS “Auf ins nächste Gefecht” (Holsteinbilly)
TOM TOXIC UND DIE HOLSTEIN ROCKETS “Aus dem Herzen Kiels (2CD)” (Rock`n`Roll / Psychobilly)
TOMAS TULPE “Hatschi!” (NDW / Electro)
TOMBSTONE “Point Of No Return” (Metal)
TOMBSTONE “Ignition” (Groove Metal)
TOMBSTONES “Volume II” (Stoner Rock)
TOMMY GUN “Always True” (Punk Rock)
TOMORROW’S EVE “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” (Prog Metal)
TOMORROW’S EVE “Tales from Serpentia” (Progressive Power Metal)
TON SUR TON “visitor” (Synthie Pop)
TON SUR TON “fly to the stars” (Synthie Wave)
TONDOKUMENT “Zeitspiel” (Elektro / Minimal)
TONER LOW “II” (Stoner Rock)
TONGUE “Tongue” (Black Metal)
TONKA “This present darkness” (Thrash Metal)
TONKRAFT “Diener & Herrscher” (Death/Thrash Metal / NDH)
TONY MONTANAS, THE “Mafiabilly” (Psychobilly)
TORCH “Dark Sinner” (Heavy Metal)
TORCHBEARER “Death Meditations” (Black Metal)
TORCHBEARER “Warnaments” (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
TOREADOR “in my cellar” (80er Wave)
TORIAN “Dawn” (Power Metal)
TORMENT “Tormentation (2-CD)” (Thrash’n’Roll)
TORMENT OF SOULS “Zombie Barbecue” (Death Metal)
TORMENT OF SOULS “Beneath a Dark Mind” (Death Metal)
TORMENT OF SOULS “Faces of Death” (Death Metal)
TORMENTOR “Recipe Ferrum”
TORN TO PIECES “Mastering the arts of death” (Death Metal)
TORS OF DARTMOOR “Can’t get out of my head/God gave no more” (Goth Electro)
TORTURE “Storm Alert” (Thrash Metal)
TORTURE KILLER “Phobia” (Death Metal)
TORTURE KILLER “Sewers” (Death Metal)
TORTURE KILLER “For maggots to devour” (Death Metal)
TORTURE SQUAD “Hellbound” (Thrash/Death Metal)
TORTURIZED “Authority” (Death Metal)
TORTURIZED “Gallery ov blood” (Death Metal)
TORUL “Partially Untamed” (Elektro / Synthiepop)
TOSA “Dark Ambiences” (Dark Ambient)
TOTAL ANNIHILATION “Extinction” (Thrash Metal)
TOTAL ANNIHILATION “84” (Thrash Metal)
TOTAL ANNIHILATION “Total Annihilation” (Thrash Metal)
TOTAL DEVASTATION “Reclusion” (Death Metalcore)
TOTAL DEVASTATION “Roadmap of pain” (Death Metal)
TOTAL HATE “Lifecrusher – Contributions To A World In Ruins” (Black Metal)
TOTAL NEGATION “Zur Späten Stunde | Zeiträume” (Black Metal)
TOTAL TERROR “Total Terror” (Crustcore)
TOTEM OBSCURA vs. ACYLUM “Waldgeist” (Dark Electro)
TOTENGEFLÜSTER “Vom Seelensterben” (Symphonic Black Metal)
TOTENMOND “Der Letzte Mond Vor Dem Beil” (Death/Punk/Crust)
TOTENMOND “Thronräuber” (Doom/Crust/Metalcore)
TOTENMOND “TonbergUrtod” (Metalcore)
TOTENMOND “Unter Knochen” (Metal Core)
TOTENMOND “Auf dem Mond ein Feuer” (Punk)
TOUCH THE SPIDER! “Pornographic Romance” (Dark Rock)
TOUCH THE SPIDER! “Blood On The Wallpaper” (Stoner Rock / Doom)
TOUCH THE SPIDER! “Generation Zombie” (Stoner Rock, Gothic)
TOUCH THE SPIDER! “Dead @ Last” (Gothic)
TOUCH THE SPIDER “Tales of Woe” (Psychedelic Wave Doom)
TOUCH THE SPIDER “Souls forsale” (Doom Rock)
TOUCH THE SPIDER “I spit on your grave” (Depro Rock)
TOURETTES “Treason Songs” (Modern Metal)
TOURETTES SYNDROME “SickSense” (Crossover)
TOURIST “The Relevance Of Motion” (New Rock)
TOWERSOUND “Towersound” (Heavy/Power Metal)
TOXENES, THE “Hot Rod” (Garage)
TOXIC INSANITY “Zur Sonne” (Rock)
TOXIC REVOLUTION & ANDROPHAGOUS “Toxic Revolution & Androphagous Split” (Grindcore/Hardcore)
TOXIC SHOCK “EP” (Crossover)
TOXIC SMILE “I’m your Saviour” (Progressive Rock)
TOXIC TOY “Playground” (Modern Rock)
TOXIC WALTZ “Decades of Pain” (Thrash Metal)
TOXICITIES BABIES “Toxicities Babies” (Death Rock)
TOXOCARA “The Great Rebellious” (Death Metal)
TRACEDAWN “Lizard Dusk” (Melodic Death Metal)
TRACELORDS, THE “Sex, Money & Rock’n’Roll” (Heavy Rock’nRoll)
TRACENINE “Breaking Silence” (Modern Rock)
TRACER “El Pistolero” (Alternative Stoner)
TRÄUMEN VON AURORA “Rekonvaleszenz” (Black Metal)
TRÄUMEN VON AURORA “Sehnsuchts Wogen” (Black Metal)
TRAGODIA “Mythmaker” (Melodic Power Metal)
TRAIL OF TEARS “Bloodstained Endurance” (Dark Gothic Metal)
TRAIL OF TEARS “Existentia” (Dark Gothic Metal)
TRAITS “Rites And Ritual” (Post Punk/Dark Cold Wave)
TRANCELIKE VOID “Destroying Something Beautiful” (Black Metal/Minimalistisch)
TRANSCENDING BIZARRE? “The Misanthrope’s Fable” (Symphonic Black Metal)
TRANSGRESSION “Guilty Rotten Flesh” (Death Metal)
TRANSILVANIAN BEAT CLUB “Das Leben soll doch schön sein” (Black/Death Metal/Rock’n’Roll)
TRANSILVANIAN BEAT CLUB “Willkommen im Club!” (Black Metal/Rock’n’Roll)
TRANSISTERS, THE “How To Irritate People” (Post Punk / New Wave / Indie Rock)
TRANSIT POETRY “Shamanic Passage through the Embers” (E-Gothic Wave Rock)
TRANSIT POETRY “Themes from the desolate Ocean” (Dark Pop/Wave)
TRANSMISSION0 “Memory of a dream” (Dark Metal)
TRANSMISSION0 “0” (Psychedelic Doom Metal/Noisecore)
TRANSSYLVANIANS “Fél és Egész” (Rock’n’roll-Folklore)
TRAPJAW “Devoured By The Crawling Chaos” (Thrash Metal)
TRASHCANNED “Key to the Paradox” (Melodic Death Metal)
TRASHCANNED “Redemption” (Thrash/Death Metal)
TRAUER / VOLUNTARIA “Wintersturm (Split-CD)” (Black Metal)
TRAUMA “Suffocated in slumber” (Death Metal)
TRAUMA PET “You cannot feel this” (Elektro Pop)
TRAUMATIC VOYAGE “Traumaturgie” (Black Metal)
TRAUMATIC VOYAGE “Khiaoscuro” (Industrial Black Metal)
TRAUMTÄNZER “Der weiße Raum” (Wave / Gothic)
TREACHERY “Treachery” (Black Metal/Ambient)
TREIBHAUS “Alphatier” (Electro/Metal/Pop)
TREIBHAUS “unsterblich” (Hart Pop/NDH)
TRELLDOM “Til Minne” (Black Metal)
TRELLDOM “Til Et Annet…”
TREMORS “Klyst (EP)” (Melodic Death Metal)
TREMORS “Eternal Question (7″)” (Death Metal)
TRENDKILL “No longer buried” (Metalcore)
TRÉPAS “L’héritage du monde” (Melodic Black Metal)
TREPONEM PAL “Weird Machine” (Industrial Rock/Metal)
TRI STATE CORNER “Historia” (Rock)
TRI STATE CORNER “Ela Na This” (Rock)
TRI STATE CORNER “Changes” (Rock)
TRIAL “Vessel” (Power Metal)
TRIANGULAR ASCENSION “Leviathan” (Ambient)
TRIBAL “I-Dentity” (Hard Rock)
TRIBAL “Corner of a Circle” (Hard Rock)
TRIBAZIK “All Blood is red” (Elektro Metal)
TRIBE “Lasting Scars…of frailed Experience” (Tribal Thrash Metal)
TRIBE AFTER TRIBE “Enchanted entrance” (Dark Rock)
TRIBES OF CAIN “Retaliation” (Black/Death Metal)
TRIBULATION “Down Below” (Dark Metal)
TRIBULATION “The Horror” (Death Metal)
TRICKY LOBSTERS “The Blue Hospital Conspiracy” (Rock ´n´ Roll)
TRIDENT “Shadows” (Black/Death Metal)
TRIDENT WINTER “Trident Winter (EP)” (Heavy Metal)
TRILLIONAIRS, THE “Haunted” 7inch (Psychobilly)
TRIMONIUM “Son of A Blizzard” (Pagan Viking Metal)
TRINACRIA “Travel Now Journey Infinitely” (Experimental Metal)
TRIOSPHERE “Onwards” (Power Metal)
TRIPSWITCH “Wormhole” (Modern Metal)
TRISKELL “never explain” (Gothic Metal/Rock)
TRISTANIA “Darkest White” (Gothic Metal)
TRISTANIA “Illumination” (Gothic Metal)
TRISTANIA “Ashes” (Gothic Metal)
TRISTANIA “World of glass” (Gothic Metal)
TRISTANIA “Beyond the veil”
TRISTWOOD “The Delphic Doctrine” (Elektro/Black/Death Metal)
TRIVIUM “Ember to inferno” (Death/Thrash/New Metalcore)
TROLL “The last Predators”
TROLLECH VS HEIDEN “Trollech Vs Heiden” (Black Metal)
TRONUS ABYSS “Vuoto Spazio Trionfo” (Industrial Black Metal)
TROUBLE “Simple Mind Condition” (Doom Metal)
TRUE MOON “True Moon” (Dark Post Punk)
TRUE SYMPHONIC ROCKESTRA “Concerto in True Minor” (Klassik meets Metal)
TRUPPENSTURM “Salute To The Iron Emperors” (Death Metal)
TRUPPENSTURM / THORYBOS “Approaching Conflict” (War Metal)
TUATHA DE DANANN “Tingaralatingagadun” (Folk Metal)
TÜSN “Trendelburg” (Dark Pop/Synth-Wave)
TULUS “Biography Obscene” (Black Metal)
TULUS “Evil 1999”
TUNES OF DAWN “Goodbye Cruel World” (Gothic Rock)
TUNES OF DAWN “how is this going to the end” (Goth Rock)
TUNGSTEN “We Will Rise” (Modern/Power Metal)
TUNNEL VISION “Tomorrow” (Prog Metal)
TURBO “Awatar” (Thrash/Heavy Metal)
TURBONEGRO “Retox” (Rock’n’Roll)
TURDUS MERULA “Herbarium” (Black Metal)
TURIA “Degen Van Licht” (Black Metal)
TURISAS “Battle Metal” (Symphonic Power/Viking Metal)
TURMION KÄTILÖT “Pirun Nyrkki” (Elektro/Metal)
TV-SERIE “Matrioshki – Mädchenhändler(DVD)”
TVANGESTE “FireStorm” (Black/Gothic Metal)
TVANGESTE “Damnation of Regiomontum” (Black/Gothic Metal)
TWELVE TRIBES “The Rebirth Of Tragedy ” (Metal Core)
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS “Ghost Reborn” (Power Metal)
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS “Sintrade” (Power Metal)
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS “Wasteland” (Power Metal)
TWILIGHT OPHERA “Descension” (Horror/Dark Metal)
TWILIGHTNING “Swinelords” (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal)
TWILIGHTNING “Bedlam” (Heavy Metal)
TWILIGHTNING “Plague-House Puppet Show” (Melodic Metal)
TWILIGHTNING “Plague-House Puppet Show” (Melodic Metal)
TWILIGHTNING “Delirium Veil” (Melodic Metal)
TWIN MACHINE “Tomorrow that never was” (Post Punk)
TWIN MACHINE “Generator” (Cold Elektro/EBM/Synthie)
TWIN OBSCENITY “Bloodstone” (Viking/Black/Death Metal)
TWIN OBSCENITY “For blood, honour and soil”
TWINBALL “Remnants of a broken soul” (Melodic Rock/Hard Rock)
TWINS, THE “Living For The Future” (Synthpop/80er)
TWISTED AUTUMN DARKNESS “Destroy the bastard & trinity” (Black Metal)
TWISTED AUTUMN DARKNESS “Darkness Rising” (Black Metal)
TWISTED INTO FORM “Then comes Affliction to awaken the Dreamer” (Prog Metal)
TWISTED SISTER “A Twisted X-Mas Live in Las Vegas (CD+DVD)” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Live at Hammersmith” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Club Daze Vol. 2 – Live in the Bars” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Double Live: North Stage ’82 + New York Steel ’01” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Still Hungry” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Under the Blade” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Come out and play” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Love is for suckers” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “You can’t stop Rock’n’Roll” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Club Daze Vol. 1 – The Studio Sessions” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Live at the Astoria (DVD)” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED SISTER “Still Hungry” (Hard Rock)
TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Netherworlds” (Heavy Metal)
TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Crest of the martyrs” (True/Heavy Metal)
TWO FIRES “Ignition” (Melodic Rock)
TWO MOONS “Cognitive Dissonance” (Dark Electro)
TWO MOONS “Colors” (Cold Wave/ Dark Electro)
TWO WITCHES “Saints and Sinners” (Goth Rock)
TWYSTER “Xplode” (Melodic/Power Metal)
TWYSTER “Lunatic Siren” (Melodic/Power Metal)
TYFON’S DOOM “Yeth Hound” (Heavy Metal)
TYING TIFFANY “Dark Days, White Nights” (New Wave / Electroclash)
TYING TIFFANY “Peoples Temple” (Electro / Wave)
TYLER “don’t play” (Alternative Pop Rock)
TYPE O NEGATIVE “Dead Again” (Doom Metal)
TYPE O NEGATIVE “Symphony for the Devil (DVD)” (Gothic/Doom Metal)
TYPE O NEGATIVE “Life is killing me” (Gothic Doom Metal)
TYPE O NEGATIVE “the least worst of”
TYPE O NEGATIVE “World coming down”
TÝR “The Lay of Thrym” (Viking Metal)
TÝR “By The Light Of The Northern Star” (Pagan/Viking Metal)
TÝR “Land” (Viking Metal)
TÝR “Eric the red” (Heavy/Folk/Viking Metal)
TYRANNY “Aeons in tectonic interment” (Death Doom)
TYRANNY “In Times of Tyranny (MCD)” (Black Metal)
TYRANT “Best before” (Power Pop Rock)
TYRANT “Grimoires” (Symphonic Black Metal)
TYRANT EYES “The darkest hour” (Power Metal)
TYRANTS “Black Metal Warfare” (Black Metal)
TYRANTS BLOOD / GATHERING DARKNESS (Split) “The Light Won´t Save You” (Death/Thrash Metal)
TYRAX “Dark Waters” (Death Metal)
TYRAX “War in heaven” (Death Metal)
TYRAX “Treachery in Paradise”
TYRAX “Inhumanity Infected” (Death Metal)
TYSKE LUDDER “Diaspora” (EBM / Electro)
TYSKE LUDDER “Anonymous” (EBM)

T “Anti-Matter Poetry” (Progressive Rock).