Reviews :: A

…AND OCEANS “Cypher” (Elektro/Extreme Metal)
…AND OCEANS “AM GOD” (Elektro Black Metal)
…AND WE WERE SHADOWS “Beyond the Light” (Cold Wave)
A. 18 “Foreverafternothing” (Hard Core)
A.M.E.S. “God’s sign under suffering souls” (Death/Thrash Metal)
A.O.K. “Kinderlieder frei ab 18” (Punk/Metalcore)
A.R.G. “Redemption From Refaim” (Thrash Metal)
A-RISE “No One said it would be easy” (Modern Death Metal)
A-RISE “The dreams are dead” (Death Metal)
A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR “Taken by the Flames” (Martial Industrial)
A DREAM OF POE “An Infinity Emerged” (Doom Metal)
A DREAM OF POE “The Mirror of Deliverance” (Doom Metal)
A DREAM OF POE “Lady of Shalott (EP)” (Doom / Death Metal)
A FOREST OF STARS “Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring” (Black Metal)
A FOREST OF STARS “A Shadowplay For Yesterdays” (Black Metal)
A LIFE DIVIDED “Echoes” (Synth-Wave-Pop, 80er Rock)
A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH “When The World Becomes Undone” (Gothic/Doom Metal)
A PALE MOON “Dark Waters” (Dark Wave)
A PONY NAMED OLGA “The Land Of Milk And Pony” (Psychobilly)
A RAINY DAY IN BERGEN “A Rainy Day In Bergen” (Indie / Pop)
A SAILOR`S GRAVE “Set A Fire In Your Heart” (Psychobilly / Punkrock)
A SILENT EXPRESS “Now!” (Pop / Alternative)
A SILENT EXPRESS “All About You” (Alternative)
A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS “Nightmare Inc.” (Metalcore)
AARA “En Ergô Einai” (Post Black Metal)
AARNI “Bathos” (Avantgarde Doom)
ABADDON “de occulta philosophia” (Black/Gothic Metal)
ABANDON HOPE “The Endless Ride” (Metal)
ABANDONED “Thrash You!” (Thrash Metal)
ABANDONED “Thrash Notes” (Thrash Metal)
ABGRUND “Final Destination” (Death Metal)
ABHORDIUM “Omega Prayer” (Death Metal)
ABHORDIUM “When Depravity Incarnates” (Death Metal)
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS “In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns” (Melodic Black Metal)
ABIGOR “Höllenzwang (Chronicles Of Perdition)” (Black Metal)
ABIGOR “Fractal Possesion” (Industrial Black Metal)
ABIME “Echos de Gloire” (Black Metal)
ABINCHOVA “Weltenwanderer” (Melodic Death/Folk Metal)
ABINCHOVA “Versteckte Pfade” (Melodic Death/Folk Metal)
ABKEHR “In Asche” (Black Metal)
ABLAZE MY SORROW “Anger, hate and fury” (Death Metal)
ABNORMITY “Come get some” (Modern Metal)
ABOMINATTION “doutrine of false martyr” (Brutal Death Metal)
ABORTED “La Grande Mascarade” (Death Metal)
ABORTED “Terrorvison” (Death Metal)
ABORTED “Global Flatline” (Death Metal)
ABORTED “The archaic abattoir” (Brutal Death Metal)
ABORTED “Goremaggedon (the saw and carnage done)” (Death/Grind Metal)
ABORYM “Dirty” (Industrial/Black Metal)
ABORYM “Fire walk with us” (Industrial/Black Metal)
ABORYM “Kali Yuga Bizarre”
ABRUPTUM “Casus luciferi” (Suizid Dark industrial)
ABSCESS “Through the cracks of death” (Death Metal)
ABSCESS “Horrorhammer” (Death Metal)
ABSCHLACH! “Du wirst uns siegen seh’n!” (Punk / Rock)
ABSENT/MINDED “Alight” (Sludge)
ABSENTIA LUNAE “Historia Nobis Assentietvr” (Black Metal)
ABSOLUTE STEEL “The fair bitch project” (Heavy Metal)
ABSOLUTION, THE “For The Wicked” (Gothic)
ABSORBER “Open your eyes” (Synthie Pop)
ABSTRACT RAPTURE “Democadencia” (Modern Metal)
ABSTÜRZENDE BRIEFTAUBEN “25 Jahre sind genug (Doppel DVD)” (Fun Punk)
ABSURD MINDS “Serve And Suffer” (Alternative / Industrial / Electro)
ABSURD MINDS “The focus” (Wave/EBM)
ABSURD MINDS “mcome alive” (Electro Wave)
ABUSED MAJESTY “Serpenthrone” (Black/Death Metal)
ABUSIVENESS “Hybris” (Black Metal)
ABUSUS “Lichter, Gedanken und Lieder schicken wir weit, weit hinüber zu Euch durch Dunkelheit” (Black / Doom Metal)
ABWÄRTS “Smart Bomb” (Melodic Deutsch Punk)
ABWÄRTS “Rom” (Punk Rock)
ABWÄRTS “Nuprop” (Punk Rock)
ABYSMAL GRIEF “Blasphema Secta” (Doom)v
ABYSMAL GRIEF “Strange Rites of Evil” (Doom)
ABYSS OF INSANITY “Slamming Brutality” (Death Metal)
ABYSSARIA “Architecture of chaos” (Black/Dark/Gothic Metal)
ABYZZ “Empusa” (Death Metal)
AC/DC “Backtracks” (Hard Rock)
ACACIA STRAIN, THE “3750” (Metalcore)
ACCESS DENIED “Things Worst Fighting For” EP (Electro Rock)
ACCESS DENIED “Nonstopdieselerotica” (Elektro Rock)
ACCESSARY “Disciples of the Sun EP” (Thrash/Metal/Hardcore)
ACCOMPLICE “Accomplice”
ACHERON “Rebirth: Metamorphosis into Godhood” (Black/Death Metal)
ACHIM REICHEL “Das Beste” (Deutsch Pop/Rock/Folk)
ACHTLOS “nicht viel” (Deutsch Metal/Punk)
ACHTLOS “Drunk as a fish”
ACID BATS “Exhumacion (EP)” (Post Punk/Batcave)
ACID DEATH “Misled” (Thrash Metal)
ACID DEATH “Promo 2011” (Death Metal)
ACID DRINKERS “Fishdick Zwei – The Dick is rising again” (Thrash Metal)
ACID DRINKERS “Verses of Steel” (Thrash Metal)
ACIDCELL “Feelin’ The Doom” (Industrial-Metal)
ACRIMONIOUS “Sunyata” (Black Metal)
ACROSOME “Dementia Praecox” (Depressive Black Metal)
ACT NOIR “Shape A New Start” (Alternativ Rock / Electronica)
ACT NOIR “autamtisme Psychique” (Pschedelic Dark Rock)
ACT OF CREATION “Endstation” (Thrash / Death Metal)
ACT OF GODS “Maât” (Death Metal)
ACTING APES, THE “Dirty Intentions” (Psychobilly)
ACYLUM “Mental Disorder v.2” (Dark Electro / Industrial)
ACYLUM “Karzinom” (Dark Electro)
ACYLUM “The Enemy” (Terror Industrial)
AD-HOC “same” (Avantgarde Black Metal)
AD INFERNA “Opus 7 : Elevation” (Electro)
AD INFERNA “Im Mortelle” (Electro)
AD INFERNA “Omnium” (Electro)
AD INFERNA “There Is No Cure” (Electro)
AD INFERNA “DSM” (Industrial / Electro)
AD INFERNA “Heroine (Revisited Trance und Tanz)” (Industrial)
AD INFERNA “Trance: N: Dance” (Industrial)
AD INFERNA “L’Empire Des Sens” (Black Metal)
AD HOMINEM “Climax Of Hatred” (War Black Metal)
AD NEMORI “Akrateia” (Atmospheric/Melodic Death Metal)
AD VITAM AETERNAM “Abstract senses” (Goth Metal)
ADAGIO “Archangels in black” (Symphonic Power Metal)
ADAGIO “Underworld” (Klassik Prog Metal)
ADAM DONEN “Vampires” (Folk)
ADAM IS A GIRL “of Daydreams and nightmares” (Dark Pop)
ADARO “Schlaraffenland” (MA/Folk/Rock)
ADARO “Minnenspiel” (MA Rock)
ADAS “Echo” (MA-Folk)
ADAS “Gezeiten” (MA-Folk)
ADDICTION CREW “Lethal” (Modern Metal)
ADEMA “Planets” (New Metal/Rock)
ADIMIRON “When Reality wakes up” (Modern Metal)
ADIMIRON “Burning Souls” (Melodic Death Metal)
ADMONSIH “Insnärjid” (Unblack Metal)
ADOLF CASTLE “Really Crazy Germans” (Heavy Metal)
ADOR DORATH “Symbols” (Symphonic Black Metal)
ADORNED BROOD “Hammerfeste” (Pagan/Viking Metal)
ADORNED BROOD “Asgard (Re-release)” (Pagan Metal)
ADORNED BROOD “Noor” (Pagan/Folk Metal)
ADORNED BROOD “Hiltia / Wigand (2-CD)” (Pagan/Folk Metal)
ADORNED BROOD “Heldentat” (Folk/Metal)
ADORNED BROOD “Erdenkraft ” (Folk Metal)
ADRENALINE 101 “Demons In The Closet” (Hard Rock)
ADRENALINE 101 “Twelve Step Program” (Hard Rock)
ADRENICIDE “Drunk with Power” (Thrash Crossover)
ADRENICIDE “Raging full on” (Thrash Crossover)
ADRENICIDE “Natural Born Thrashers” (Thrash Crossover)
ADRIAN H AND THE WOUNDS “Dog Solitude” (Alternative / Dark Poetry)
ADRIANO BATOLBA ORCHESTRA “Live’n’loud” (Rockabilly)
ADVENT “The dawn” (Melodic Death/Black/Gothic Metal)
ADVERSAM “Proclama” (Black Metal)
ADVERSUS “Einer Nacht gewesenes” (Opulent Goth Klassik)
ADVERSUS “Winter, so unsagbar Winter” (Goth Klassik/Elektro Wave)
ADVOCATUS DIABOLI “Sterbend durch die Sonne” (Elektro Goth)
ADVOCATUS DIABOLI “Enter your forest” (Gothic)
AEBA “Kodex V” (Black Metal)
AEBA “Shemhamforash – Des Hasses Antlitz” (Black Metal)
AEBA “Rebellion-Edens Asche” (Black Metal)
AEBA “Flammenmanifest”
AEGONIA “The Forgotten Song” (Gothic/Folk Metal)
AEGROR “De morbis” (Black/Death Metal)
[AEM-X] “Fight” (Crossover Metal)
AENAON “Phenomenon” (Black/Death Metal)
AENGELDUST “Freakshow” (Electro / Power Noise)
AENGELDUST “Dancefloor Killer” (Industrial)
AENIMA “Never fragile” (Heavenly Voices)
AENIMA “Revolutions” (female Wave)
AEON OF DISEASE “Edge Of Purgatory” (Death Metal)
AEON OF DISEASE “Veil Of Oblivion” (Death Metal)
AEON OF DISEASE “Demo 2016” (Death Metal)
AEON SABLE “Aether” (Deep Dark Rock)
AEON SABLE “Hypaerion” (Goth Rock)
AEON SABLE “Saturn Return” (Prog / Gothic Rock)
AEON SABLE “Per aspera ad astra” (Goth Rock)
AEONS CONFER “Zero Elysium” (Modern/Symphonic Death Metal)
AEONSGATE “Pentalpha” (Doom Metal)
ÄERA “Schein” (Atmospheric Black Metal)
AES DANA “Formors” (Black/Folk Metal)
AESMA DAEVA “the eros of frigid beauty” (Klassik Metal)
AESTHETIC PERFECTION “Into The Black” (Electro)
AESTHETIC PERFECTION “The Dark Half” Single (Electro)
AESTHETISCHE “Cold Is Clean” (Electro)
AESTHETISCHE “Statement / Amplitude Zero” (Electro)
AESTHETISCHE “Powerswitch” (Electro/ EBM)
AETERNITAS “Tales Of The Grotesque” (Theatralic/Gothic Metal)
AETERNITAS “House Of Usher” (Gothic Symphonic Metal/Musical)
AETERNITAS “La Danse Macabre” (Theatralic Gothic Metal)
AETERNUS “…And The Seventh His Soul Detesteth” (Death Metal)
AETERNUS “HeXaeon” (Dark/Death Metal)
AETERNUS “Ascension of terror” (Thrash/Death Metal)
AETERNUS “Shadows of old”
AETHERNAEUM “Naturmystik” (Atmospheric Folk Black Metal)
AETHERNAEUM “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald” (Folk/Ambient/Black Metal)
ÄTH, THE “Tennengau, Supergau !” (Fun/Death Metal)
AETHYRICK “Gnosis” (Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal)
AEVERIUM “The Harvest EP” (Melodic Goth Metal)
AEVERON “Existential Dead End” (Melodic Death Metal)
AEVERON “The Ancient Realm (EP)” (Melodic Death Metal)
AEVUM “Multiverse” (Symphonic/Opera Metal)
AFSKY “Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død” (Black Metal)
AFTER ALL “This Violent Decline” (Thrash Metal)
AFTER ALL “The Vermin Breed” (Heavy/Thrash Metal)
AFTER ALL “Mercury Rising” (Heavy Metal)
AFTER DARK “After Dark” (Heavy Goth Metal)
AFTER FOREVER “After Forever” (Female Gothic Metal)
AFTER FOREVER “Invisible Circles” (Female Goth Metal)
AFTER FOREVER “Exordium” (Orchestral Gothic Metal)
AFTER FOREVER “decipher” (Gothic Metal)
AFTER FOREVER “Prison of Desire”
AFTERBURNER “Ewergreens” (Werder Bremen Rock)
AFTERWORLD “Connecting Animals”
AGALLOCH “The Serpent and the Sphere” (Post-Black Metal / Progressive Metal)
AGALLOCH “Ashes against the Grain” (Prog Dark Metal)
AGALLOCH “The mantie” (Folk/Gothic Wave)
AGATHODAIMON “Chapter III” (Black/Gothic Metal)
AGE OF AGGRESSION “Addicted to Metal” (Death Metal)
AGE OF EVIL “Living a Sick Dream” (Heavy Metal)
AGE OF IGNORANCE “Zoom this sound”
AGE OF TORMENT “I, Against” (Modern Death Metal)
AGE OF WOE “An Ill Wind Blowing” (Death/Doom/Crust)
AGENDA “Maverick” (Hard Rock)
AGENT SIDE GRINDER “Alkimia” (New Wave / Electro)
AGENT SIDE GRINDER “This Is Us” (New Wave)
AGENT SIDE GRINDER “Hardware” (New Wave / Electro)
AGENT STEEL “Live @ Dynamo Open Air (DVD)” (Thrash/Power Metal)
AGENT STEEL “Order of the illuminati” (Power/Thrash Metal)
AGENT STEEL “Omega Conspiracy”
AGES “Uncrown” (Melodic Black Metal)
AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Crude Abomination” (Black / Thrash / Punk)
AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Kill a Million” (Black / Thrash / Punk)
AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Långrocken” (Black / Thrash)
AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Poison Minds” (Black Thrash)
AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR “Terror, Incest and Death” (Black / Thrash / Punk)
AGHARTI “Change” (Female Melodic Metal)
AGHAST VIEW “Phaseknox” (Elektro)
AGMEN “Damantion” (Black Metal)
AGNOSIA “The inner conflict” (Dark/Prog Metal)
AGONIZER “Birth/The End” (Metal)
AGONY SCENE, THE “The Agony Scene” (Death/Thrash/Core Metal)
AGORAPHOBIA “The Fire Inside” (Death Metal/Hardcore/Thrash Metal)
AGORAPHOBIA “Sick” (Death/Thrash Metal)
AGORAPHOBIC NODEBLEED “Frozen Corpse Stuffe dwith Dope” (Grind Core)
AGOS “Irkalla Transcendence” (Black/Death Metal)
AGP “Danger of replace” & “Corona” (Dark Wave)
AGRO “Ritual 6” (Neo Thrash Metal)
AGRYPNIE “Exit” (Avantgarde Black Metal)
AGRYPNIE “F51.4” (Atmospheric Black Metal)
AHAB “The Boats of the Glen Carrig” (Funeral Doom)
AHAB “The Divinity of Oceans” (Doom Metal)
AHAB “The call of the wretched sea” (Doom/Death Metal)
AHNENGRAB “Schattenseiten” (Pagan/Black Metal)
AHNENGRAB “Omen” (Black/Pagan Metal)
AHNENKULT“Als das Licht verging” (Pagan Metal)
AHNENSTAHL “Zwischen Tod und Leben” (Epic Pagan/Black Metal)
AIBOFORCEN “Dédale” (Electro)
AI MURO “City of Scars” (Death/Thrash/Stoner Rock)
AIM “Precious Time” (Pop/Rock)
AIMLESS “Seven Stars on Supernova”
AINA “Days of Rising Doom” (Rock/Metal Oper)
AIR RAID “Across the line” (Heavy Metal)
AIR RAID “Point of Impact” (Heavy Metal)
AIRBAG “The Greatest Show On Earth” (Atmospheric Progressiv Rock)
AIRBAG “All rights removed”
AIRBAG “Identity” (Progressive Rock)
AIRBORN “D-Generation” (Power Metal)
AIRBORN “Against the world” (Power Metal)
AIRGED L’AMH “The Silver Arm” (Epic Folk Metal)
AISLING “Down at dunbar” (Irish-scottish Folk)
AISLING “Aisling” (Black/Pagan Metal)
AISLING “Endless Cicle”
AJALON “This Good Place” (ProgRock)
AJATTARA “Lupaus” (Black/Dark Metal)
AJATTARA “kalmanto” (Dark Metal)
AJATTARA “Äpäre” (Dark Metal)
AJATTARA “Tyhjyys” (Dark Metal)
AJATTARA “Kuolema” (Dark/Black Metal)
AJATTARA “ITSE” (Dark/Black Metal)
AJUNA “Prisoners Of The Sun” (Black Metal)
AKANDO “Attack From Ambush” (Metal)
AKELEI “De Zwaarte van het Doorstane” (Doom Metal)
AKERCOCKE “Choronzon” (Avantgarde Black/Death/Gothic Metal)
AKERCOCKE “Goat of Mendes” (Death/Black Metal)
AKHLYS “The Dreaming I” (Black Metal)
AKOMA “Revangels” (Female Symphonic Metal)
AKRIVAL “Enigmas Of The Contradictory Nature” (Black Metal)
AKRIVAL “Hifthorn 461” (Black Metal)
AKTARUM “We Are The Trolls (EP)” (Folk/Black Metal)
ALAE NOCTIS “Alae Noctis” (Dark Wave/Post Punk/Dark Electro)
AL ATKINS “Heavy Thoughts” (Heavy Rock)
ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY “Fulton Hill” (Southern Heavy/Hard Rock)
ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY “Staring at the divinde” (Rock/Hard Rock)
ALAS “Absolute purity” (Gothic Metal)
ALASTIS “reality” (Dark Metal)
ALCEST “Les Voyages De L’Âme” (Folk Metal)
ALCEST “Le Secret” (Eerie Emotional Music)
ALCEST “Écailles De Lune” (Eerie Emotional Music)
ALCEST “gouvernirs d’un autre monde” (Ambient Metal/Post Rock)
ALCHEM “Demo 2005” (Prog Dark Rock)
ALCHEMIST “Austral Alien” (Metal)
ALCOHOLATOR “Escape from reality” (Thrash Metal)
ALDAARON “Suprême Silence“ (Black Metal)
ALESTORM “No Grave But The Sea” (Scottish Pirate Metal)
ALESTORM “Back Through Time” (Scottish Pirate Metal)
ALESTORM “Black Sails At Midnight” (Piraten Metal)
ALESTORM “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” (Piraten Metal)
ALEV “Alev” (Rock)
ALEV “If we ever (MCD)” (Nu Metal/Rock)
ALEV “we live in paradise” (Nu Metal/Rock)
ALEXANDER PAUL BLAKE “Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter” (Atmospheric Black Metal)
ALFAR “Twilight Of The Gods” (Viking/Death Metal)
ALGHAZANTH “The Three-faced Pilgrim” (Melodic Black Metal)
ALGHAZANTH “Vinum Intus” (Melodic Black Metal)
ALGHAZANTH “Wreath of Thevetat” (Symphonic Black Metal)
ALGHAZANTH “Thy aeons envenomed sanity”
ALIAS EYE “In-Between” (Artrock)
ALIAS EYE “Field of names” (Prog Rock)
ALICE COOPER “Raise the Dead – Live from Wacken” (Hard Rock)
ALICE COOPER “The Eyes of. / Dirty Diamonds” (Hard Rock)
ALICE COOPER “Welcome 2 my Nightmare” (Hard Rock)
ALICE COOPER “Theatre of Death – Live at Hammersmith 2009 (DVD)” (Hard Rock)
ALICE COOPER “Along came a Spider” (Hard Rock)
ALICE IN CHAINS “Rainier Fog” (Grunge)
ALIEN BLAKK, THE “Modes of Alienation” (Metal)
ALIEN HAND SYNDROME “The Sincere And The Cryptic” (Indie / Alternative)
ALIEN PRODUKT “Honour vs. Falsehood (The First Step EP)” (Industrial / Electro)
ALIEN SEX FIEND “Information overload” (Trash Dark Elektro)
ALIENGATES “dark days quantum” (Death/Thrash Metal)
ALKBOTTLE “Lager Export” (Rock´n´Roll)
ALKERDEEL “Morinde” (Black Metal)
ALKONOST “Put’ Neprojdennyj” (Pagan Metal)
ALL ABOUT EVE “Iceland” (Melancholic Wave)
ALL ENDS “All Ends” (Goth Metal)
ALL HALLOWS EVE “The Dreaming” (Dark Wave)
ALL:MY:FAULTS “Euthanasia:Momento Mori-Demo” (Dark Electro)
ALL OUT WAR “Condemned to suffer” (Metal/Hardcore)
ALL SHALL PERISH “The Price of Existence” (Death Metal)
ALL TIME LOW “Dirty Work” (Pop Punk)
ALL THAT REMAINS “This Darkened Heart” (Extreme Metal)
ALL THEM WITCHES “Our Mother Electricity” (Psychelic Southern Rock)
ALLERSEELEN “Rauhe Schale” (Industrial / Folk)
ALLFADER “At least we will die together” (Death/Dark/Viking Metal)
ALLFADER “From the darkest star” (Black Metal)
ALLHELLUJA “Inferno Museum” (Dirty Rock’n’Core)
ALLIANCE “Missing Peace”
ALLIED VISION “O.S. Bandwidth” (Elektro/Industrial/EBM)
ALLOCHIRIA “Throes” (Post Sludge)
ALLSEITS “Hel” (Dark Ambient / Drones)
ALMAH “Fragile Equality” (Power Metal)
ALMAH “Almah” (Power Metal)
ALMIGHTY PUNCHDRUNK, THE “Music from them asses” (Extrem Metal/Hardcore)
ALMYRKVI “Umbra” (Post Black Metal)
ALMYRKVI “Pupil of the searing maelstrom” (Post Black Metal)
ALONE WITH TOURMENTINE “Alsura Tions Nocturnes” (Heavenly Voices)
ALOOP “Global Crisis” (Thrash/Death Metal)
ALPHA ACADEMY “The Promise of the Light” (Alternative Rock)
ALPHA CHILD, THE “forgotten paradise” (Dark Elektro/Industrial)
ALPHA SAFARI “Commercial Suicide” (Punk/Rock’n’Roll)
ALTARIA “Divinity” (Melodic Metal)
ALTARIA “Invitation” (Melodic Metal)
ALTER DER RUINE “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” (Electro / Hardcore)
ALTERNATIVE 4 “The Obscurants” (Dark Rock)
ALTERNINE “Alternine” (Rock)
ALTERRED „Dollstown“ (Electro / Synthie Pop)
ALTVATER “Chroniken” (Epic Pagan Metal)
ALVAREZ “Alvarez Presents: Zeitmaschine Remixed” (Lyrik/Elektro Wave)
ALVAREZ PEREZ “Promo CD” (Goth Rock)
ALWA GLEBE “Against The Pain” (Chanson/ Minimalistik Wave)
ALWA GLEBE “Debüt” (Chanson Dark Wave)
ALWA GLEBE “Irrlichter” (Chanson Minimalistik Wave)
ALWAYS FALLEN “Reflection” (Modern Thrash Metal)
ALYSON AVENUE “Omega” (Melodic Rock)
AM TUAT “Inmotion” (Death Metal)
AMAGORTIS “Pre-Natal Cannibalism” (Brutal Death Metal)
AMARA “Conspiitualized” (Heavy Rock)
AMARAN “Pristine in Bondage” (Melodic Death/Heavy/Gothic Metal)
AMARAN “A world depraved” (Melodic Death Metal)
AMARAN’S PLIGHT “Voice in the Light” (Prog Rock)
AMARANTHE “Helix” (Elektro/Modern/Melodic Death Metal)
AMARANTHE “The Nexus” (Modern/Melodic Death Metal)
AMARANTHE “Amaranthe” (Modern Melodic Death/Gothic Metal)
AMARTIA “Marionette” (Atmo Prog Rock)
AMATRIS “Imprisoned” (Gothic Metal)
AMATRIS “Before the final journey” (Gothic Metal)
AMATRIS “Between visions and reality” (Gothic Rock/Metal)
AMBASSADOR21 “Human Rage” (Digital Hardcore)
AMBASSADOR21 “Revelation” (Industrial Hardcore)
AMBASSADOR21 “Riot Generation” (Digital Hardcore)
AMBASSADOR21 “X” (Digital Hardcore)
AMBASSADOR OF ANGUISH “Der Weg ins Ungewisse” (Dark/Black Metal)
AMBER “Pearls of Amber” (Psychedelic Folk)
AMBER ASYLUM “Sin Eater” (Dark Ambient)
AMBERIAN DAWN “Magic Forest” (Female Symphonic/Power Metal)
AMBERIAN DAWN “Circus Black” (Power/Symphonic Metal)
AMBERIAN DAWN “End Of Eden” (Symphonic Power Metal)
AMBERIAN DREAM “The Clouds of orthland Thunder” (Female Symphonic Metal)
AMBUSH “Firestorm” (Heavy Metal)
AMEN “Amen”
AMENDFOIL “Eon” (Modern Metal)
AMENDFOIL “Act of grace (EP)” (Metal)
AMENOPHIS “Demos 1991-1992” (Death Metal)
AMENTA, THE “nOn” (Industrial Death Metal)
AMENTA, THE “Mictlan (MCD)” (Black/Death Metal)
AMERICAN AQUARIUM “Dances for the lonely” (Rock)
AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE “The War of Art” (Hard Core/ Metal)
AMETHYSTE “Throw Off Balance” (Death Metal)
AMETROPIE “Bei Sturm und Mondenschein” (Black/Death/Folk Metal)
AMMAGAMMA “Ammagamma” (Deutsch-Rock)
AMOK “Lullabies of silence” (Death Metal)
AMON AMARTH “Berserker” (Melodic Death/Viking Metal)
AMON AMARTH “Jomsviking” (Melodic Death/Viking Metal)
AMONG THE WEEDS “This Is No Fairytale” (Gothic Rock)
AMONGRUINS “No Light” (Melodic/Modern Death Metal)
AMORAL “Show your Colors” (Power Metal)
AMORAL “Reptile Ride” (Death/Thrash Metal)
AMORAL “Decrowning” (Death/Thrash Metal)
AMORAL “Wound Creations” (Prog Death/Thrash Metal)
AMORPHIS “chapters (CD+DVD)” (Finnen Metal)
AMOUNT OF LIGHT WE GIVE OFF, THE “List” (Industrial/Coldwave/Shoegaze)
AMUN RE “Magic Kingdom” (Melodic Rock)
AMYSTERY “All Hail the Cult” (Black Metal)
AMYSTERY “Extermination, followed by cryptic silence” (Black Metal)
AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN “Everything” (Atmospheric Dark Metal)
AN EROTIC END OF TIMES “Chapter One” (Industrial Rock)
ANAAL NATHRAKH “Hell Is Empty, All The Devils Are Here” (Grind/Black Metal)
ANAAL NATHRAKH “Total fucking necro” (Black Metal)
ANABIOZ “…To Light” (Folk/Death/Pagan Metal)
ANAL VOMIT “Peste negra, muerte negra” (Death / Thrash)
ANATA “Under a stone with no inscription” (Death Metal)
ANATHEMA “The Optimist” (Psychedelic Doom)
ANATHEMA “We’re Here Because We’re Here” (Alternativ Rock)
ANATHEMA “handsight” (Akustik Rock)
ANATHEMA “a fine day to exit” (Gitarren-Rock)
ANATHEMA “Resonance” (Dark Rock)
ANATHEMA “Judgement”
ANCIENT CEREMONY “The Third Testament” (Black/Death/Gothic Metal)
ANCIENT CREATION “Evolution Bound” (Power Metal)
ANCIENT DRIVE “Black Orgies”
ANCIENT EXISTENCE “Death Fucking Metal” (Death Metal/Grind)
ANCIENT EXISTENCE “same” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
ANCIENT GALLERY, THE “alles ist nichts” (Art-Industrial Rock)
ANCIENT GALLERY, THE “kopfdelay” (Dark Elektro)
ANCIENT GALLERY, THE “deinstallation” (Electro Wave)
ANCIENT MYTH “Aberration:”Pt” (J-Rock, Symphonic Metal)
ANCIENT RITES “And the hordes stood as one (DVD)” (Power/Black Metal)
ANCIENT RITES “And the hordes stood as one” (Power/Black Metal)
ANCIENT RITES “Dim Carosa” (Power/Black Metal)
ANCIENT WISDOM “Cometh Doom, Cometh Death” (Death/Doom/Gothic Metal)
ANCIENT WISDOM “And the physical shape of light bled”
ANCST/KING APATHY “Ancst/King Apathy” (Black Metal)
AND ONE “Magnet” (Electro / EBM)
AND ONE “S.T.O.P.” (Electro / EBM)
AND ONE “Shouts Of Joy” EP (EBM)
AND ONE “Shice Guy” EP (Electro)
AND ONE “Back Home” (Elektro)
AND ONE “Bodypop” (E-Pop)
AND THERE WILL BE BLOOD “Obitus” (Death Metalcore)
ANDRA FEAT. VII SINS “Circle of fire” (Power Metal)
ANDABATA “Corpse Grinding Machine” (Death Metal)
ANDABATA “Bloody Screams” (Black/Death Metal)
ANDRS “Reminiszenzen.” (Epic Black/Pagan Metal)
ANDRAS “Iron Way” (Epic Black/Pagan Metal)
ANDRAS “… of old wisdom” (Black/Pagan Metal)
ANDRAS “Quest of Deliverance”
ANDRE MATOS “Time to be Free” (Power Metal)
ANDREAS GROSS “Goodbye mainstream” (Gothic, Dark Wave)
ANDREAS GROSS “Grounds Of Ashes” (Dark Wave / Gothic)
ANDREAS GROSS “Autumn Inventors” (Wave / Gothic)
ANDREAS GROSS “we like ghost girls” (Female Goth Wave)
ANDREAS KARNATZ “Amateur Regisseur” (Independent)
ANDREW W.K. “She is beautiful (MCD)” (Metal’n’Roll)
ANDREW W.K. “I get wet” (Metal’n’Roll)
ANDROID LUST “The diving” (Elektro/Ethereal Wave)
ANDROMEDA “II=I” (Prog Rock)
ANDY’S FORCE “Paganinis Revenge” (Power/Heavy Metal)
ANFALL “Feuer, Eis & Energie”
ANGANTYR “Svig” (Black Metal)
ANGANTYR “Haevn” (Black Metal)
ANGANTYR “Sejr” (Black Metal)
ANGEL “A woman’s diary-Chapter 1” (Female Wave Rock)
ANGEL CREW “One Life, One Sentence” (Hardcore)
ANGEL DUST “Of Human Bondage” (Power Metal)
ANGEL DUST “Enlighten the darkness”
ANGEL’S DIARY “garden of revelations” (Gothic Metal)
ANGEL SELF DESTRUCT “rex mundi” (Industrial /Cold Wave)
ANGEL THEORY “Transmission (EP)” (EBM)
ANGEL THEORY “Fatal Condition” (EBM)
ANGELCORPSE “of Lucifer and Lightning” (Death Metal)
ANGELHEART “Caution, It Rocks!” (Hard/Melodic Rock)
ANGELI DI PIETRA “Anthems Of Conquest” (Power Folk Metal)
ANGELI DI PIETRA “Storm Over Scaldis” (Folk/Death/Gothic Metal)
ANGELIKA EXPRESS “Angelika Express” (Gitarren Rock)
ANGELLORE “La Litanie Des Cendres” (Gothic Doom Metal)
ANGELLORE “Errances” (Gothic/Doom Metal)
ANGELS OF LIBERTY “Angels of Liberty” (Gothic Rock)
ANGELS OF VENICE “awake inside a dream” (Neo-Klassik)
ANGELSPIT “Hideous & Perfect” (New Industrial)
ANGELUS APATRIDA “Evil Unleashed” (Thrash Metal)
ANGELUS MORTUS “Universum der Gefühle” (Elektro Dark Wave)
ANGER “The Bliss” (Nu Metal)
ANGER “Out of here” (Rock’n’Roll Metal)
ANGER “Judas” (Metal)
ANGER “A god forgotten child” (Metal)
ANGER MACHINE “Trail Of The Perished” (Groove Metal)
ANGIZIA “39 Jahre für den Leierkastenmann” (theatralischer Wave)
ANGLO SAXON “This is England (EP)” (British Rock)
ANGLO SAXON “Are you Ready” (British Rock)
ANGLO SAXON “When Daddy comes marching Home (EP)” (British Rock)
ANGRA “Aurora Consurgens” (Melodic Metal)
ANGRA “Temple Of Shadows” (Melodic Metal)
ANGST “Tar Ner Skylten” (EBM
ANGST “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (Black Metal)
ANGST SKVADRON “Sweet Poison” (Death Metal)
ANGUISH “Symmetrie” (Prog Metal)
ANGTORIA “God has a plan for us all” (Female Goth Metal)
ANGTORIA “Demo” (Female Goth Metal)
ANIMA LEGATO “” (Experimental Pop)
ANIMA MORTE “Viva Morte!” (Horror Soundtrack)
ANIMA VIRUS “End Of The Eden” (Gothic Rock)
ANIMAL ALPHA “Pheromones” (Krach/Punk/Hardrock)
ANIMATRONIC, THE “[linkt tu:]” (Death/Thrash Metal)
ANIMEN, THE “Hi!” (Retro Rock)
ANIMO AEGER “Fieber” (Avant-Garde Black Metal)
ANIMUS HERILIS “Recipere Ferum” (Black Metal)
ANIMUS MORTIS “Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)” (Black Metal)
ANIMUS MORTIS “Thresholds of Insanity (MCD)” (Black Metal)
ANKA “Antibiothique” (Rock/ Metal)
ANKHARA “Sombras del Pasado” (Heavy Metal)
ANKOR “My own angel” (Melodic Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Suicide Society” (Speed Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “All for you” (Speed / Thrash Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Double Live Annihilation” (Speed / Thrash Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Feast” (Speed Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Schizo Deluxe” (Speed / Thrash Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Metal” (Spped Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Schizo deluxe” (Thrash Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Waking the fury” (Speed Metal)
ANNIHILATOR “Criteria fo a black widow”
ANOMALIE “Refugium” (Post Black Metal)
ANOMALIE “Between the light” (Depressive Post Rock / Black Metal)
ANONYMOUS DREAM “Brilliant & Dangerous” (Synth Pop/80ies)
ANONYMOUS DREAM “Demo CD” (Synthie Pop/80ies)
ANOTHER PERFECT DAY “The Gothenburg Post Scriptum” (Prog Melodic Death Metal)
ANOTHER TALE “Frozen Eyes” (Wave Rock)
ANOXIA “A Lapdance for the Devil” (Heavy/Power/Thrash)
ANSUR “Warring Factions” (Psychedelic Prog Metal)
ANSUR “Axiom” (Prog Black/INdustrial Metal)
ANSWER, THE “Everyday Demons – Summer Edition” (Hard Rock)
ANTAGONIST “Demons” (Thrash Metal)
ANTARES “mind collector” (Death/Dark Metal)
ANTARES “sad hope” (Melancholic Death Metal)
ANTARES PREDATOR “Twilight Of The Apocalypse” (Black/Thrash Metal)
ANTHEMON “Kadavreski” (Dark/Heavy/Doom Metal)
ANTHEMON “Dystopia” (Dark/Heavy/Doom Metal)
ANTHEMON “Arcanes” (Gothic Symphonic Metal)
ANTHENORA “The last command” (Heavy Metal)
ANTHRAX “Alive 2” (Thrash Metal)
ANTHRAX “Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) ” (Thrash Metal)
ANTHRAX “We’ve come for you all” (Heavy/Speed Metal)
ANTHROPOPHOBIA “3600 Seconds Lifetime” (Dark/Atmospheric Elektro)
ANTICHRISIS “Cantara Anachoreta (Re-release)” (Doom/Gothic Metal)
ANTICHRISIS “A Legacy of Love Mark II” (Gothic Folk Rock)
ANTICOPS “Out in the Streets” (Hardcore)
ANTIFREEZE “Into the silence” (Prog/Melodic Metal)
ANTIGONE’S FATE “Zum Horizont” (Atmospheric/Melancholic Black Metal)
ANTIMATTER “Alternative Matter” (Alternative / Dark Rock)
ANTIMATTER “Leaving Eden” (Atmospheric Rock)
ANTIMATTER “Planetary Confinement” (Akustik Wave)
ANTIMATTER “Lights out” (Depro Rock)
ANTIPATIX, THE “Psychobilly Gone Bad” (Psychobilly)
ANTIQUE “Book one” (Dark Wave Klassik)
ANTIQUUS “Eleutheria” (Power Metal)
ANTISTASIS “Achtung aetzend” (Industrial Body Noise)
ANTITHESIS “Dying for life” (Prog Metal)
ANTIVOTE “Visions Of Crime And Pain” (Dark Electro)
ANTIWORLD “Comedy of terrors” (Goth Punk)
ANTLERED MAN “The Devil is them” (Avantgarde)
ANTLERED MAN “Giftes Parts 1 and 2” (Avantgarde Alternative)
ANTLERS “Beneath. Below. Behold” (Atmospärischer Black Metal)
ANTON “…todos morirán hoy” (Death/Thrash Metal)
ANTONIUS REX “Anno Demoni” (Okkult / Progressive / Psychedelic)
ANTONIUS REX “Hystero Demonopathy” (Okkult / Progressive)
ANTONIUS REX “Magic Ritual” (Okkult / Gothic / Progressive)
ANTONIUS REX “Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex” (Okkult / Progressive)
ANTONIUS REX “Per Viam” (Okkult / Gothic / Rock)
ANTONIUS REX “Praeternatural” (Progressive / Occult / Rock)
ANTONIUS REX “Ralefun” (Artrock / Progressive)
ANTONIUS REX “Switch on Dark” (Okkult / Gothic)
ANTONIUS REX “Zora” (Progressive / Psychedelic)
ANTROPOFAGUS “No waste of flesh” (Death/Grind Metal)
ANUBIS “reflections” (Gothic Metal)
ANUBIS “Kassandra ” (Gothic Wave)
ANUBIS GATE “Purification” (Heavy Metal)
ANUBIZ “Momentum” (Gothic Metal)
ANUBIZ “Unruh” (Goth Metal)
ANUBIZ “17” (Goth/Doom Metal)
ANUBIZ “Leid ” (Gothic Doom Metal)
ANUBIZ “pretty in pain”
ANVIL “Back to basics” (Heavy Metal)
ANVIL “Still going strong” (Heavy Metal)
ANVIL “Plenty of Power” (Heavy/Power Metal)
ANYONE “Anyone” (Psychadelic Rock)
AOP (AndiOliPhilipp) “Schere” (Punk Rock)
AORLHAC “L’Esprit des Vents” (Melodic Black/Viking Metal)
AORTA “Stille Omen” (Death Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore)
AOSOTH “Ashes Of Angels” (Black/Death Metal)
APALLIC “Of Fate And Sanity” (Progressive Death Metal)
APALLIC “Somnium” (Death Metal)
APEIRON “Among The Lost” (Metal)
APERION “Act Of Hybris” (Gothic/Klassik/Folk Metal)
APHELION “I-VI” (Elektro)
APHRENETY “Inheritance” (Metalcore/Death Metal)
APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA “The End Is Nigh” (MA Folk/Doom Metal)
APOCALYPTICA “Plays Metallica By Four Cellos” (Cello Rock)
APOCALYPTICA “Shadowmaker” (Cello Rock)
APOCALYPTICA “Worlds Collide” (Cello Rock)
APOCALYPTICA “Im Not Jesus (MCD)” (Cello Rock)
APOCALYPTICA “Amplified – A Decade of Reinventing The Cello (2-CD)” (Cello Rock)
APOCALYPTICA “Apocalyptica” (Cello Rock)
APOCALYPTICA “reflections” (Cello Rock)
APOCALYPTICA FEAT. LINDA “Faraway Vol.II (MCD)” (Cello Rock)
APOCRYPHAL VOICE “Stilltrapped” (Avantgarde Dark Metal)
APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, DIE “Riders on the storm” (Metal)
APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, DIE “All you need is love”
APOKRYPHA “To The Seven” (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
APOKRYPTA “Alle in den Sarg” (Dark/Thrash Metal)
APOPHIS “I Am Your Blindness” (Death Metal)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “Exit Popularity Contest” (Electro)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “Rocket Science” (Alternative/Elektro Pop/Rock)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “Sonic Diary” (Elektro Rock)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “Cambodia (MCD)” (Elektro Rock)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “Shine On” (Elektro Alternativ Pop)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “You and me against the word” (Elektro Alternativ Pop)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “Suffer in silence” (MCD) (Elektro Pop)
APOPTYGMA BERZERK “Harmonizer” (Dark Techno?)
APOSTASIA “Myrtyrs of god” (Black Metal)
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE “From Gold to Ash” (Doom Metal)
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE “Of Woe and Wounds” (Doom Metal)
APRIL “Tidelines” (Modern Rock/Metal)
APRON “Apron” (Modern Metal)
AQUEFRIGIDE “Un caso isolato” (Crossover/Noise/Dark Metal)
AQUILON “Intramedia” (Dark/Nu Metal)
ARABROT “Solar Anus” (Sludge / Noise)
ARACHNES “In Praise of Science” (Power Metal)
ARACHNES “Primary Fear” (Symphonic Power Metal)
ARACHNES “Apocalypse” (Prog Power Metal)
ARACHNES “parallel worlds” (Prog Power Metal)
ARAFEL “The Second Strike: Through The Flame Of The Ages” (Black Metal)
ARALLU “The demon from the ancient world” (Black/Thrash Metal)
ARALLU “Satanic War in Jerusalem” (Black Metal)
ARANEYDA “Disorder Unbound (EP)” (Melodic Death/Gothic Metal)
ARATHORN “Treue & Verrat” (Black Metal)
ARBOR IRA “… und krankt mein Selbst vor Leidenschaft” (Doom Metal)
ARCANA XXII “This burning darkness” (Gothic/True Metal)
ARCANA COELESTIA “Le Mirage de l’Idéal” (Funeral Doom/Black Metal)
ARCANA COELESTIA “Ubi secreta colunt” (Doom Black Metal)
ARCANA XXII “Barren Land” (Melodic Metal)
ARCANE FROST “Dragged Into The Void” (Black Metal)
ARCANUM “Demo 2008” (Heavy Metal)
ARCANUM “What if you die tomorrow…” (Death Metal)
ARCH, THE “Engine In Void” (New Wave / Electro)
ARCH ENEMY “Doomsday Machine” (Melodic Death/Thrash)
ARCH ENEMY “Anthems of rebellion” (Melodic Death/Thrash)
ARCH ENEMY “Wages of Sin” & Bonus CD (Melodic Death Metal)
ARCH ENEMY “Burning Bridges”
ARCHAIC “Time Has Come the Envy the Dead” (Thrash/Death Metal)
ARCHGOAT “Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites)” (Death / Black Metal)
ARCHGOAT “Whore of Bethlehem” (Black Metal)
ARCHONTES “The world where shadows come to life” (Melodic Metal)
ARCKANUM “Första Trulen” (Black Metal)
ARCKANUM “Den Förstfödde” (Black Metal)
ARCTIC PLATEAU “The Enemy Inside”(Post Rock)
ARCTIC SUNRISE “A Smarter Enemy” (Electro Pop / Alternative)
ARCTURON “An Old Storm Brewing” (Melodic Death Metal)
ARDITI “Standards of Triumph” (Neo Folk)
ARDOR “Metamorph” (MA Elektronik)
ARDOR “White Wedding (MCD)” (MA Elektronik)
AREA 23 “Dreams die when they come true” (Punk Rock/Emo-Core)
AREA L.C. “Our time in your hands”
ARENA “Pepper’s Ghost” (Prog Rock)
ARGYLE GOOLSBY “Darken Your Doorstep” (Horrorpunk)
ARISE “The beautiful new world” (Melodic Death/Thrash)
ARISE “Kings of the cloned generation” (Melodic Death/Thrash)
ARISE “The godly work of art” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
ARISE FROM THRONS “…before audience of stars” (prog Dark Wave)
ARISE-X “X-Nation” (Dark Electro / Industrial)
ARISES “System” (Melodic Thrash Metal)
ARK “Same”
ARKANGEL “Hope you die by overdose” (Death/Thrash/Metalcore)
ARKHAN “Primal” (Death Metal)
ARKHAN “M.A.C.H.I.N.E.” (Death Metal)
ARKHE “A” (experimenteller Metalmix)
ARKHON INFAUSTUS “Passing The Nekromanteion” (Black Metal)
ARKONA “Goi, Rode, Goi” (Pagan Metal)
ARKONA “Jizn Vo Slavu (Live, Re-Release)” (Pagan/Folk Metal)
ARKONA “Vo Slavu Velikim (Re-Release)” (Pagan/Folk Metal)
ARKONA “Lepta (Re-Release)” (Pagan/Folk Metal)
ARKONA “Vozrosdenie (Re-Release)” (Pagan/Folk Metal)
ARKONA “Ot Serdca K Nebu” (Pagan Metal)
ARMADA, THE “The scent of darkness (MCD)” (Power Metal)
ARMAGEDDA “I Am” (Black Metal)
ARMAGEDDA “The final war approaching” (Black Metal)
ARMAGEDON “Death Then Nothing” (Death Metal)
ARMORED DAWN “Viking Zombie” (Heavy/Power/Viking Metal)
ARMORED SAINT “Symbol of salvation (Re-Release)” (Heavy/Power Metal)
ARMORED SAINT “Nod to the old school” (Heavy Metal)
ARMORY “Empyrean Realms” (Power Metal)
ARMORY “The Dawn of Enlightenment” (Power Metal)
ARMORY “Empyrean Realms” (Power Metal)
ARREST “The difference” (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)
ARROGANZ “Erzketzer” (Death Metal)
ARROGANZ “Primitiv” (Death Metal)
ARROGANZ “Tod & Teufel” (Death Metal)
ARROWWOOD “Beautiful Grave” (Pagan Folk / Neo Folk)
ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE “The Hipster Sacrifice” (Electronica)
ARRIVAL “An abstract of intertia” (Black Metal)
ARS AMATORIA “The Symphonic Rock Opera-Lachrymal” (Klassik Rock / Gothic Rock)
ARS AMATORIA “Beauteous Romance” (Melancholic Klassik Rock)
ARS DIAVOLI “The Absence Of Light” (Black Metal)
ARS IRAE “Unter der Erde” (Black/Pagan Metal)
ARS IRAE “verwelkt” (Death/Black Metal)
ARS IRAE “Ignis Fatuus” (Black/Pagan Metal)
ARS MORIENDI “Your soul on our screen (EP)” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
ARS MORIENDI “Dissimulated” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
ARSENIC “Pieces Of A Decade” (Death/Thrash Metal)
ARSENIC “same” (Thrash/Death Metal)
ARSINE TIBÈ “Good Evening, The Mountain Said” (Electro Pop / Lounge Noir)
ARSIS “We are the Nightmare” (Death Metal)
ARSON PROJECT, THE “Disgust” (Grindcore)
ART NOIR “Flügel” (Dark Electro)
ART OF PHOBIA “Projection” (Hardcore)
ARTAS “The Healing” (Neo Thrash/Metalcore)
ARTEFACT “Son of Solstice” (Prog Dark/Death/Black Metal)
ARTENSION “Sacred Pathways” (Prog/Heavy Metal)
ARTESIA “Chants d’automne” (Ambient/Heavenly Voices/Neo Klassik)
ARTHEMESIA “Devs-Iratvs” (Black Metal)
ARSTIDIR LIFSINS “Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjoll né firðir” (Black Metal)
ARSTIDIR LIFSINS “Saga á tveim tungum I: Vápn ok viðr” (Black Metal)
ARSTIDIR LIFSINS “Heljarkviða” (Black Metal)
ÁRSTíðIR LíFSINS “Þættir úr sögu norðrs” (Black Metal)
ARSTIDIR LIFSINS “Vápna lækjar eldr” (Black Metal)
ARSTIDIR LIFSINS “Jotunheima Dolgferd” (Black Metal)
ARTICA “Plastic Terror” (Goth Rock)
ARTILLERY “When Death comes” (Thrash Metal)
ARTILLERY “One Foot in the Grave, the other one in the Trash” (Thrash Metal)
ARTROSIS “In nomine noctis” & “Fetish” (Gothic Metal)
ARTS OF EREBUS “An open case of Parousia” (Goth Rock/Wave)
ARTS OF EREBUS “Dawn of Dead” (Goth Rock)
ARTS OF EREBUS “Icon in Eyes” (E-Gothic Rock)
ARVAKH “Art. 1 – La Haine par desuss tout” (Black Metal)
ARVEN “Music Of Light” (Female Melodic/Gothic/Folk Metal)
ARX ATRATA “The Path Untravelled” (Atmospheric Black Metal)
ARZT + PFUSCH “Lictor Evaporated” (Electro)
AS DIVINE GRACE “supremature”
AS EDEN BURNS “The Great Celestial Delusion” (Death Metal)
AS MEMORY DIES “Transmutate” (Melodic Death Metal)
AS SANITY FADES “Mentally Disturbed” (Melodic Death Metal)
AS WE FIGHT “Black Nails And Bloody Wrists” (Death/Thrash Metalcore)
ASAG “Asag” (Black Metal)
ASARU “From The Chasms Of Oblivion” (Black Metal)
ASCENSION “Under Ether” (Black Metal)
ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS “Numinosum” (Ambient Musik / Alternative Rock)
ASCHENGLAS “Schauderreich” (Dark Metal)
ASCHENGLAS “Von Toten gesungen” (Black/Dark/Fantasy Metal)
ASCHENGLAS “Nirgends ist ein Seelenheil” (Black/Folk Metal)
ASEETHE “Hopes of Failure” (Doom / Sludge)
ASENBLUT “Die wilde Jagd” (Melodic Death / Viking Metal)
ASENBLUT “Berserker” (Pagan/Death/Viking Metal)
ASENBLUT “Aufbruch” (Pagan/Thrash Metal)
ASGAIA “In Carni Veritas” (Death/Gothic Metal)
ASGARD “On the Verge” (Hard Rock)
ASGAROTH “Red Shift” (Gothic Metal)
ASH CODE “Posthuman” (Electro Wave)
ASH CODE “Oblivion” (Electro Dark Wave)
ASH OF ASHES “Down The White Waters” (Epic Dark/Folk Metal)
ASHENT “Ashent” (Prog Power Metal)
ASHES OF A LIFETIME “…when all goes up in flames” (Death Metal/Metalcore)
ASHES OF DESTINY “Desolate Figures” (Gothic/Death Metal)
ASHES TO ASHES “Borderline” (Female Fronted Alternativ Metal)
ASHES TO ASHES “Cardinal VII” (Gothic Metal)
ASHES YOU LEAVE “Desperate Existence
ASHES YOU LEAVE “The Inheritance of Sin and Shame”
ASHURA “Legacy of Hatred” (Death Metal/Grind)
ASHURA “At the Dawn of your Deterioration” (Death Metal)
ASKA “Fire Eater” (Heavy Metal)
ASKUROR / VARGSHELSKE “Split CD” (Black Metal)
ÁSMEGIN “Arv” (Folk/Viking Metal)
ASP “Kosmonautilus” (Gothic Novel/Wave)
ASP “Osternacht & Geh und heb dein Grab aus, mein Freund” (Gothic)
ASP “Zaubererbruder Live & Extended” (Gothic)
ASP “Live.auf rauen Pfaden” (Gothic)
ASP “GeistErfahrer – Langspielalbum” (Gothic)
ASP “Verfallen Folge 1: Astoria” (Gothic Novel Rock)
ASP “Per Aspera Ad Aspera-This Is Gothic Novel Rock” (Gothic Rock)
ASP “Von Zaubererbrüdern – Live & Unplugged (DVD)” (E-Goth Rock)
ASP “Akoasma-Horror Vacui Live” (E-Goth Rock)
ASP “Zaubererbruder – Der Krabat-Liederzyklus ” (Gothic/Electro Rock)
ASP “Horror Vacui” (E-Goth Rock)
ASP “Aus der Tiefe” (Dark Wave Musical)
ASP “Ich will brennen” (E-Goth Rock)
ASP “Weltunter” (Gothic/Depro Rock)
ASP “Die Zusammenkunft EP” (Elektro Wave)
ASP “Der schwarze Schmetterling Teil 2” (Electro Goth)
ASP “Hast du mich vermisst”
ASPHYX “On the wings of inferno”
ASRAI “Touch in the dark” (Goth Rock)
ASSAILANT “Wicked Dream” (Power Metal)
ASSAILANT “Nemesis Within” (Power Metal)
ASSASSIN “Break the Silence” (Thrash Metal)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “Endure” (Future Pop)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “Bruise” (Electro / Future Pop)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “Let the wind erase (MCD)” (Future Pop)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “Storm” (Future Pop)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “defiance” + “document (MCD)” (Electro/Future Pop)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “disappoint (MCD)” (Electro/Wave)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “Addendum” (Electro/Wave)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 “Failure” (EBM/Elektro)
ASSERT “Roitous Assembly” (Hardcore)
ASTAARTH “Gloria Burgundia” (Pagan/Black Metal)
ASTARI NITE “Midnight Conversations” (Wave/Goth)
ASTARI NITE “Stereo Waltz” (Synth Wave/ Post-Dark Wave)
ASTARTE “Sirens” (Black/Death Metal)
ASTARTE “Quod superious, sicut inferius” (Black/Dark Metal)
ASTERIUS “A moment of sungularity” (Prog Dark Metal)
ASTRAL DOORS “Of the son and the father” (Heavy Metal)
ASTRATH “Enter my domain” (Black Metal)
ASTRAY “Promo 2002” (Dark/Black Metal)
ASTRAY “Alone (MCD)” (Dark/Black Metal)
ASTRAY PATH “Desert” (Gothic Rock)
ASTRAY PATH “The hidden Line” (Prog Goth Rock)
ASTRIAAL “Anatomy Of The Infinite” (Black Metal)
ASTRIAAL “Renascent Misanthropy” (Black Metal)
ASTROFAES “The eyes of the beast” (Black Metal)
ASTROGENCE “somewhere in the grey” (Death Metal)
ASTROVAMPS “Amerikan Gothick” (Schramel Glam Rock)
ASTROVAMPS “manifesto (MCD)” (Death/Goth Rock)
AT HOME “almost forgotten tales” (Melancholic Wave)
AT THE GATES “Slaughter of the soul” (Melodic Death Metal)
AT THE GATES “Suicidal Final Art” (Death Metal)
AT VANCE “VII” (Power Metal)
AT VANCE “No escape”
ATANAB “Black Magic” (Black Metal)
ATANATOS “Beast Awakening” (Thrash Metal)
ATARGATIS “Alba Gebraich”
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT “Riot In Japan 2011” (Elektro Punk)
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT “Remixes – Collapse Of History” (Electro Punk)
ATARI TEENAGE RIOT “Is This Hyperreal?” (Electro Punk)
ATAVISMO “Desintegración” (Space / Stoner Rock)
ATHEM “The Extended Mind” (Progressive Metal)
ATHENA “Twilight of days” (Melodic Power Metal)
ATLANTEAN KODEX “The Annihilation of Bavaria” (Epic Metal)
ATLANTICA VOX “Lights And Rare Things” (Guitar Wave/ Pop-Rock)
ATLANTIS CHRONICLES “Ten Miles Underwater” (DeathMetalcore)
ATMOSFEAR “Zenith” (Progressive Metal)
ATMOSFEAR, THE “The World is grey” (Death Metal)
ATMOSFEAR, THE “Lost Pain” (Black/Death Metal)
ATOMWINTER “Iron Flesh” (Death Metal)
ATOMWINTER “Atomic Death Metal” (Atomic Death Metal)
ATRAXY “moonlight-drunken” (Prog Rock)
ATRAXY “Fragments”
ATREYU “Suicide notes and butterfly kisses” (Hardcore/Punk/Metal)
ATRITAS “Celestial Decay” (Black Metal)
ATRITAS “Medium Antigod” (Black Metal)
ATRITAS “Where Witches Burn” (Black Metal)
ATRIUM NOCTIS “Home” (Black Gothic Metal)
ATRIUM NOCTIS “The eyes of medusa” (Black Metal)
ATTRITION “The hand that feeds”DCD
ATOLAH “Relics” (Sludge / Doom)
ATOMTRAKT “Verwüstung” (Dark Ambient Music)
ATOPIE “Des Herbstes Pesthauch” (Black Metal)
ATROCITY “Masters Of Darkness” (Death Metal)
ATROCITY “Okkult” (Dark/Orchestral Metal)
ATROCITY “Werk 80 II” (Gothic Metal)
ATROCITY “Atlantis” (Death/Gothic Metal)
ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN “Scumdogs Of The Forest” (Grindcore)
ATTIC “Sanctimonious” (Heavy Metal)
ATTIC “Sanctimonious” (Heavy Metal)
ATTIC “The Invocation” (Heavy Metal)
ATTIC “Attic” (Heavy Metal)
AU CHAMP DES MORTS “Dans la joie” (Black Metal)
AU CHAMP DES MORTS “Le Jour Se Lève” (Post Black Metal)
AUDIOLEGEND “We Are Infinity” (Rock)
AUDIOMATICS “Injection” (Dark Elektro Metal)
AUDIOPAIN “The Switch to turn off Mankind (EP)” (Black/Thrash Metal)
AUDREY HORNE “Le Fol” (Post-Grunge)
AUGRIMMER “Demo 07 (EP)” (Black Metal)
AUGURY “Concealed” (Prog Death Metal)
AUN “Black Pyramid” (Ambient, Drones)
AURA “A Different View from the Same Side” (Progressive Metal)
AURA NOIR “Increased damnation”
AURORA BOREALIS “Time, unveiled” (Black/Death Metal)
AURORA BOREALIS “Northern Lights” (Black/Death Metal)
AURORA PROJEKT, THE “Shadow Border” (Prog Rock)
AURVANDIL “Thrones” (Black Metal)
AURVANDIL “Ferd (EP)” (Black Metal)
AUßERWELT “Transitions (EP)” (Post Black Metal)
AUSTERE “Only the Wind remembers” (Black Metal)
AUTODAFEH “Act Of Faith” (EBM)
AUTODAFEH “Identity Unknown” (EBM / Electro)
AUTOKANNIBALISTIKA “Autokannibalistika” (Rock/Death Metal)
AUTOPSIES, THE “A Memoir From The Morgue” (Psychobilly)
AUTUMN “SummerS’ End” (Goth Metal)
AUTUMN ANGELS “Shadow of your soul/ Icy world” (Dark Electro/ Gothic)
AUTUMN CLAN “Requiem to the sun” (Gothic Rock)
AUTUMN HOUR “Dethroned” (Prog Metal)
AUTUMN’S DAWN “Gone” (Depressive Rock)
AUTUMNAL “Grey Universe” (Gothic Doom Metal)
AUTUMNAL REAPER “Rise Of The Raging Death” (Death Metal)
AUTUMNBLAZE “Words are not what they seem” (Melancholic Rock)
AUTUMNBLAZE “The mute sessions” (Akustik Trip Rock)
AUTUMNBLAZE “Lighthouses” (Melancholic Wave)
AUTUMNBLAZE “DämmerElbenTragödie”
AVANT-GARDE “Il Buio Su Roma / Live at MetaMorfosi” (Cold Wave)
AVANTASIA “Moonglow” (Symphonic/Power Metal)
AVARICE IN AUDIO “Apollo and dionysus” (Electro)
AVARITIA “Pulse” (Goth Rock)
AVAST “Mother Culture” (Post Black Metal)
AVATAR “Thoughts of no tomorrow” (Melodic Death Metal)
AVENGER OF BLOOD “Complete Annihilation” (Thrash Metal)
AVENGING ANGELS “Shrouded In Mystery” (Death Metal)
AVENGING ANGELS “Fragmentary Reality” (Modern Thrash Metal)
AVERSE SEFIRA “Advent Parallax” (Black Metal)
AVERSE SEFIRA “Battle’s Clarion” (Black Metal)
AVERY “Lie, cheat & steal” (Hardcore/Crossover)
AVIAN “From The Depths Of Time” (Power Metal)
AVOID-A-VOID “Musique Noire”
AVRIGUS “The sectet kingdom” (Dark Ambient Wave)
AVULSED “Gorespattered Suicide” (Death/Gore Metal)
AWAKENING, THE (ZA) “Chasm” (Dark Wave Rock)
AWAKENING, THE (ZA) “Razor burn” (Goth Rock)
AWAKENING, THE (ZA) “Roadside heretics” (Goth Rock)
AWAKENING, THE (D) “The Age of Storm” (Pagan/Viking/Black Metal)
AWFUL NOISE “Reincarnation” (Alternative Metal)
AXAMENTA “Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture” (Prog Black/Dark Metal)
AXAMENTA “Codex Barathri” (Fantasy Black Metal)
AXEL RUDI PELL “The Ballads IV” (Heavy Metal)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Best Of…Anniversary Edition” (Hard Rock)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Tales of the Crown” (Hard Rock)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Live over Europe (DVD)” (Melodic Metal)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Mystica” (Melodic Metal)
AXEL RUDI PELL “The Ballads III” (Heavy Metal Ballads)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Kings and Queens” (Melodic Hard Rock)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Knight treasures (Live and More) DVD” (Hard Rock/Metal)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Knights live” (Hard Rock)
AXEL RUDI PELL “Shadow Zone” (Heavy Metal)
AXIS OF PERDITION, THE “Deleted Scenes From The Transition Hospital” (Industrial/Black Metal)
AXIS POWERS “Marching towards Destruction” (Death Metal)
AXIS POWERS “Pure Slaughter” (Death Metal)
AXXIS “Doom of Destiny” (Melodic Power Metal)
AYIN ALEPH “Ayin Aleph II” (Modern Klassik)
AYIN ALEPH “Ayin Aleph I” (Baroque Metal)
AYREON “The Source” (Prog/Symphonic Metal)
AYREON “Timeline” (Progressive Rock)
AYREON “01011001” (Progressive Metal)
AYERON “Universal Migrato Part I+II”
AZAGHAL “Luciferin Valo” (Black Metal)
AZAGHAL “Codex Antitheus” (Primitiv Black Metal)
AZAHEL´S FORTRESS “The Chaos Kingdom” (Black Metal)
AZAHEL’S FORTRESS “Secrets of the forest” (Black Metal)
AZAM ALI “Portals of grace” (Medieval/Heavenly Vioces)
AZARATH “Praise The Beast” (Death Metal)
AZAVATAR “Azavatar” (Black Metal)
AZMAVETH “Strong As Death” (Melodic Black Metal)
AZMODAN “of angels and demons”
AZOTIC REIGN “Abstract Maledictions”
AZRAEL “Dimension IV” (Heavy/Power Metal)
AZRAEL’S SEED “Midnight sun” (Goth Metal)
AZTEC JADE “Paradise Lost”
AZURE “King Of Stars – Bearer of Dark” (Melodic Death Metal)
AZYLYA “sweet cerebral destruction” (Gothic Metal).