GRAVE PLEASURES :: Neues Video “Infatuation Overkill”

Das neue Video der finnischen Post-Punk Band GRAVE PLEASURES, ‘Infatuation Overkill’, ist erschienen.

Sänger Mat sagt über die erste düstere Single vom neuen Album ‘Motherblood’, das am 29. September erscheinen wird: “This song draws first blood, where desire reaches fever pitch. Infatuation Overkill is a picture of the current zeitgeist in free-fall. Our voyeurism, our all consuming ego, our absolute fixation with our own image and our descent into a commonly accepted form of mass schizophrenia. Obsession and omnipresent violent lust have become the norm as mania begins to seep into our intrinsic make-up. We attempt to portray the feeling of being pulled apart as the volcano erupts on our species and the dawn of man begins to draw to a close.”